Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sydney! day 2

So now we begin day 2. Day 2 was the day I made friends (FRIENDDD!)! haha. They were all uc students too and we all met at the front desk with our tons of luggage and then went out to check out the opera house which id already done but whatever and the botanical gardens which I had also already done but apparently there were TONS of fruit bats in there which I did not see because im oblivious? Ordinarily, yes. But this time at least they were a bit off the regular path. So I didn’t feel that dumb.
Like seriously. It was sooo humid. And it kind of made you think you were dying of heat stroke which was AWESOME. NOT.
Nonetheless, it was gorgeous. So heres the most gorgeous pictures I took of/with the opera house/the harbor bridge.

In the botanical gardens there were also cockatoos walking around. Those are the white ones with the yellow on their heads that you always see in pet stores right? Well they were in the botanical gardens which was totally cool. Its not like its something you never see cause I mean you walk into a pet shop and theyre totally there but seeing then outside in their like natural setting was a trip. I wasn’t gonna post any pictures cause I figured everyone knew what they were and wouldn’t want to see it but I think I will anyway cause it was kinda weird seeing them not in a petshop…

And here’s some really gorgeous pictures of the botanical gardens cause they were really pretty…

So then there were the fruitbats. EVERYONE was talking about them. Everyone who’d been to the gardens the day before….which technically included me but I totally never saw them. Its not like they posted signs. And c’mon. walk around alone through the middle of a wooded part of a garden at sunset….in america we call that A BAD IDEA. So I mean I didn’t exactly dawdle in the gardens. (apparently in Australia it isn’t. theyre so nice here!! I love it!) but then I felt pretty stupid the next day when everyone was talking about them and I had no idea. But whatever. There were THOUSANDS of bats in there. I mean when you looked up there looked like there were a lot but when I saw them flying (later) there were literally thousands. It was CRAZY. they were all fluttering their wings to keep themselves cooler. At that moment I was very envious.

but not as envious as i was of the ducks. the water may have looked a bit icky but it was still water and we were all still dying of thirst. anyway they were so cute! they had their little babies and everything! everyone was pretty stoked to see ducklings. haha. and they were totally of a different variety than we get in the states...as you can see...

And then there was this obelisk in the middle of the duck pond. Which was kinda cool until you read the dedication on it. Then it was sort of debatable as to whether or not it was kinda cool or kinda creepy. In it is some naturalist or something. Which I guess its cool that his remains are among nature and whatnot but it was almost a little creepy being that close to a long dead guy. But I guess I cant complain. Better to be close to a long dead guy than a newly dead guy…probably…or at least in that heat…eww.

after we all got back from our hike around Sydney (all of us very much willing to crash and very burnt) we had to get ready for the meet and greet with the other uc students and stuff that night. Which wasn’t too bad. It was up on the 25th floor which gave us an awesome view of the city but also gave us a view of the literally millions of bats flooding the skies. At first we all thought they were birds. NOPE. They were bats! It was very cool.

So then after the meet and greet was done we all went to get hamburgers at some burger place over in kings cross (where my cab driver had previously warned me there were prostitutes…I guess theyre not illegal so I guess theyre not as sketchy as I first thought/as he made it sound. I guess its always kinda sketch when you’ve got something like that. I dunno. It wasn’t bad up there as far as I could tell. Well I wasn’t all that much INTO kings cross but from what I saw. And nobody else had any complaints. But all the native aussies ive since talked to have warned me about it. Im guessing its not actually that sketch but its sketchier than any other places here where everyone’s not sketchy at all.

Anyway when we walked into the burger shop (10 california kids) Dani California (red hot chilli peppers) was playing. it was pretty funny. and was also the first of 3 times so far ive heard that song in a public place. its pretty funny actually. i never hear it back home but apparently they love it here. and i remember hearing it once in europe too. but its like they see us coming from a mile away and want us to feel welcome or something. it was pretty funny though.

I thought the names of some of the burgers were pretty awesome. The greedy bastard was one of my favorites. They had interesting ingredients in them. Or maybe they weren’t “interesting” perse but they were names for ingredients maybe I knew but just didn’t know those names. But anyway it was still really good. I have to admit, I was afraid to try a burger with beets in it. So I didn’t. I knowww. Im so lame. But I wasn’t really all that hungry and id used up all my adventure on earlier that day! So i got a bambina. which was good. i asked for it with cheese and on the reciept it said it was free so i was like SWEET THEY TOTALLY CHARGE YOU FOR THAT IN THE US.

and then when i got it there was no cheese. so no wonder it was free. hahaha but the guy who took my order was really nice. cause i was still getting used to the australian money and he was really patient and said "australian money is a real bitch." it was awesome. he was also shocked that our money is paper (well technically cloth but everyone calls it paper so whatever). i dunno if that means that the australian money is plastic? i mean they have little clear plastic bits which is pretty awesome but i dunno. anyway heres the menu.

and then i totally thought this was awesome. its a garbage bin. but it says RUBBISH!! so i totally had to take a picture because. i mean. cmon. RUBBISH!!! hahahahaha

i love it.

and then we went back to the hotel and just hung out cause all of us were tired/jetlagged.

end of day 2

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