Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sydney Day 3

NOW FOR DAY 3---lets see what i can remember...

(and yes i do realize saying that is going to get everyone mad at me for not writing it down when it was all fresh in my mind. but WHATEVER its still relatively fresh. i mean if it were milk id be somewhat hesitant about pouring it over my cereal but whatever.)

so day 3 began with waking up early and doing boring uc stuff. some of which i already knew but then we got to go to manly island. which has really nice beaches and a cute little downtown area and a totally awesome name. according to my mom's guide books it was named after the manly men who lived there. i wasnt particularly impressed, but i think its cause most of the men there when i was there were tourists.

anyway we had to take a half hour ferry ride to get there which left out of circular quay (pronounced key...way to be weird australia) which is like right next to the harbor, the opera house and all of the gardens. and it was totally awesome and really quite pretty. despite the overcast skies which made everything a bit grey. and it was still pretty hot too so it wasnt too bad a day to go to the beach.

anyway heres the opera house/gardens/city from the ferry...

so i don't know if this is just me or whatever but i think i always heard that there were always tons of people sailing in the sydney harbor. well there are. and i thought that was cool cause it was like seeing something you always hear about but have never actually seen, in action. like bigfoot. ok maybe not like bigfoot but whatever. there were a ton of people out sailing. i dont think this picture shows it to its full extent but it was pretty cool.

so one of the best things about manly island was the fact that everything was named manly ___. like "manly cosmetics and tanning" which i totally should have taken a picture of. or "manly souvenirs, as seen below. theyre not just any souvenirs, theyre MANLY. and then next door to that was liquorland which all the californians thought was pretty funny. the australians are very straight forward with their naming schemes. if it is a place for liquor it says it. they dont dance around the subject, they get straight to the point. so we all thought that it was pretty funny that there was a place called liquorland. and you always knew if the people you were walking near while passing liquorland were from the uc program even if you hadnt met them yet because someone was always shouting LIQUORLAND!!! yeaaaah im sure the australians loved us for that..

anyway heres manly beach. it doesnt look as pretty as some of the pictures id seen from other people of like bondi which on a nice day actually looks like it does on postcards (meaning heavily photoshopped--which it apparently isnt) because it was an overcast day. on nice days the water is supposed to be the perfect blue color and the sand is like the perfect yellow sand (which it still was as sand doesn't hinge on the weather to still look like sand...or at least as far as i know). the water was warm (like swimming pool warm not gross warm) and the sand was soft. unfortunately it had rained/stormed LIKE CRAZY the night before so there was a lot of debris in the water. well i mean there were places without seaweed and stuff but that was where all the surfers were so swimmers werent really supposed to go over there. i dont recall seeing any netting but i didnt get killed by anything so i guess it wasnt necessary.

so i guess it could be said my first australian beach trip was a success! it was pretty nice AND i didnt get killed or eaten by anything despite there having been two separate shark attacks in australia the past two days i had been there and also despite what everyone told me would kill/eat me before i left (thanks ryan, tracey, marisol, irene, paul, brittani, leo, mom, dad, trent & rhonda for your long lists of things thatd kill me and your clear confidence in my survival..... "wendy youre gonna have to work on those reflexes if youre going to outrun those sharks!" <3 jerks.)

so anyway after leaving manly and taking the ferry home my rommmate michelle (also at anu and is from berk) and i ended up meeting up with a couple guys from the program i was friends with from earlier and we walked home in the rain together.

anyway so after coming home we were all going to meet to go out to dinner at eight but then i ran into technical difficulties...

i decided that i needed to wash my bathingsuit after the beach and everything so i was basically ready to go to dinner and everything and it was like OH I CAN DO THAT REALLY FAST. so i put my bathingsuit in the sink and pushed down the drain plug thing figuring id find the lever to pull it up later. WELLLL when i went to look for the lever THERE WASNT ONE. i looked around under the sink and around it and started pushing things and twirling things and nothing worked. so me, being the clever college student i am, tried to pry it up. well that didnt work either. so now im panicking. my roommmate and i are late to meet for dinner, neither of us can find the lever and we cant pry it up. FANTASTIC.
how many uc students does it take to figure out an australian sink, you might ask?
well, your answer would be......
just when we were about to give up and call the front desk and sound like idiots, two other girls going to anu (lizzie [UCI] and sabrina [berk]) come by and are talking to us and then as clearly TACTFUL as i am, i asked them if they could work the stupid sink that was outsmarting me and michelle, Lizzie had done the same thing earlier so they totally knew and saved us from sounding pretty stupid (at least to the people at the front desk). the trick, you ask? push the stupid thing down. who would have thought? seemed a bit counter productive...

so anyway by the time we got downstairs after that debacle everyone had already left so we just decided to walk down to darling harbor the 4 of us. well actually originally we were going to go to this greek restaurant that was supposed to be moderately priced and was listed online as the 8th best place to eat in sydney. so we walked over there and it wasnt that moderate but they were booked full anyway so THEN we went to darling. which is a pretty cute name for a harbor.

and it was pretty beautiful. and when we were over there the chinese new year fireworks were going off in the distance and we could see them. it was pretty awesome. it was raining but it was still gorgeous anyway...

and we ate at a chinese restaurant with a GIANT buddha. you think im kidding about how giant it was but it was HUGE id have taken a picture if i wouldnt have felt like an jerk doing it (there were a lot of valentines day people there and i would have felt lame ruining their night to get a picture of a huge buddha) but was like in the center of the room and was at least like 20 feet tall and probably like 20 feet wide too. it was awesome. anyway the food was really good and it was a pretty nice night.

there was like a 3 story club in darling that we were talking about going to but we figured we had better grab all the other uc kids if we were going to go. and then by the time we got home none of us wanted to go back out again. so then my roommate and i watched a very strange ryan gosling movie and were boring until the next day.

end of day 3

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