Friday, January 28, 2011

alright, lets do this. LEEROYYYYYYYY


anyway. its been a long time. and i thought i needed to talk myself up a bit. if you dont know what im talking about (shame on you) then here's the reference..back from my wow days...........


without further ado, i'm just gonna put up my spring (er easter since it's not spring here they can't call it that) break pictures.

i have more than a thousand and i really really don't feel like narrating them all so i'm just gonna post the highlights.

look, its a baby crocodile. thaats cute. i think he thought he was pretty ferocious. and that was the beginning of our night tour of the zoo which was pretty awesome. but i couldn't take any pictures cause i couldn't use the flash and, well, it was night, so there wasn't really a whole lot of light to be used.

as far as i can remember that was near the leopard seal area. apparently leopard seals are just as ferocious and scary as they appear in happy feet (but thats no reason to hunt them, nature needs a good villain--i mean top predator... blah blah blah). so i'm pretty sure if you fell in there, getting to the ladder would be the least of your worries. i thought it was pretty funny though.

these are these goat-ey thingys that i cant remember what they're called but they're from the himalayas and they were friendly and they let us pet them and stuff and it was cute so i figured i'd post a picture of them.

thats the view of the sydney harbor from our tenty thing at the zoo. how awesome of a view is that.

and we got to feed giraffes. we were literally inside their enclosure. it was pretty sick.

that's a feather tailed glider. how cute is that little guy. they were literally like vibrating because their hearts were beating so fast. not cause they were scared but cause they eat nectar which is basically pure sugar so they're just like constantly on a sugar rush. aren't they cute though!

this is a clock in the queen victoria building which is apparently rated one of the most beautiful malls/buildings in the world. it's in sydney and it was pretty frickin nice for a mall. the little ship toward the bottom was rotating around it, and that was really pretty cool.

this is the view from our room at our bed and breakfast in cairns (pronounced cans). it's a billabong. how awesome is that.

BEACCHHHH!!! from the highway. how pretty is that.
wayyy better than santa cruz.

our cabin-ey thing in the Daintree Rainforest, the oldest rainforest in the world. it was gorgeous. i mean, my window overlooked a creek. how cool is that. it was so pretty. and you could hear the creek from our room and everything. it was awesome.

oh did i mention, it was an exotic fruit farm. so they'd give us these exotic tropical fruits every morning for breakfast and it was really cool and they were all really good. in this picture is (from left to right): passionfruit, papaya (or paw paw as they call it here), mango, rhambutans (sp? anyway they were really good but REALLY difficult to eat. they had the red spiky things on the outside. the spikes weren't like pokey though they were bendy. but the spikes weren't the difficulty. you could pop the white fruit bit out of those no problem, but the white fruit was like attached to these giant seeds inside and the fruit was really hard to get off the seed so yeah, they were delicious but really really hard to eat) and custard apple which is easily the best fruit i've ever had. it sounds really gross but it was so good. like really sweet and they had a really nice flavor. ahhh now i really want some now. easily my new favorite fruit.

we took a drive through the daintree
this was a giant tree. how awesome is that.

these were giant spiders. called golden orb spiders. they were all female cause the men were little runty guys that were large for california size spiders but certainly not for australian spiders. anyway, seriously. they were GIGANTIC. they really really scared me. fortunately, though, they were nice. well by nice i mean not vicious and looking to devour human flesh. and they were actually kind of pretty once you could get over the fact that they were GIANT FREAKING SPIDERS. they look pretty small here, but they easily would have been larger than saucers (as in cup and saucers). honestly, no exaggeration.

ah the daintree rainforest, one of the only places in the world where the ocean meets the rainforest. how pretty is that

more strange fruits! there's the obvious ones, papaya, mango and banana, but on the left was a...either sweetsop or soursop or something but it was really good. really sweet. and on the right i don't remember what it was but i do remember that it was good and that i couldn't eat it cause it made my lips completely numb because apparently lots of tropical fruits contain latex in their rinds and stuff and i knew i was mildly allergic to latex from when i had braces but i was like WHOAH. I CANT FEEL MY FACE. i probably could have eaten it but the day before people were saying "if you're allergic, you could go into anaphylactic shock" and i was like UMMMMMMMM i'd rather not die kthxbye. so yeah, didn't eat much of that.

how pretty is that creek. with the telltale australian red dirt and stuff. the water was really nice and it was actually really deep although i didn't swim in it (i saw people diving in the day before) but how pretty is that.

there were a lot of cassowarys in the daintree. and they're endangered. how cute/sad is this sign! i think it works. people weren't speeding and there were a lot of tourists stopping to take pictures of these signs. haha

and now, for the great barrier reef. it was SOOO GORGEOUS. i think the pictures sort of speak for themselves so i'll just post them.

giant clams!

this is a bluebottle jellyfish. it's not the one that stung me but that's what they look like. as far as jellyfish go, its not really too bad. unless you take it to the face, which happened to a bunch of the guys. i got pretty lucky with just my hand. so after i saw all of them coming in with their faces/mouths pwned, i kinda chickened out and was like welllll i can just stay out here the rest of the time i'm cool with that. chicken-ey but whatevs.

this is a maori wrasse. and that's one of the lifeguards. after i was stung and and came to ice my hand, i got to watch him feed the wrasse prawns. it was giant. cool fish though, he'd pet it when it got close. it was pretty cool.

and here's a view from the skyrail thing over the rainforest. how cool is that. it was super foggy towards the ground, though so it was a little creepy.

how beautiful is that waterfall

drive through liquor shop. is it just me, or does that NOT seem like the best idea in the world? best or worst, probably.

and of course, rock wallabies. how cute are these guys...

they looked like baby kangaroos. except full grown. and we got to feed them and i petted them (even though they were wild. as long as you were feeding them they didn't care) and they were really cute. there was a baby too but i couldn't get close enough to get a good picture. but there were a lot of them.

how badass is this: its called a curtain fig. and it was GIGANTIC. seriously. its was really cool.

anyway those were the hilights. it was a pretty awesome trip. i'm pretty tired now. so yep.

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