Friday, January 28, 2011

and now for some more entertaining tales from the land down under.

so not a whole lot's happened since chrissy's birthday but i figure i'm procrastinating, i might as well update what i've got.

so basically my geekdom has reached a whole new level.

and i'm blaming it on hugh.

i don't remember how it came up, but he decided he wanted to watch battlestar galactica and basically i was brought along for the ride. and as paul describes his own talent of "watching entire series of tv shows as quickly as possible," this show exemplifies that the same can be said for me. so anyway it's a pretty good show actually, despite its RIDICULOUSLY geeky title.

it's pretty funny though cause any time any girl walks into the apartment and we're watching it they're always like "oooh what are you watching!" and both of us sort of look at each other waiting for the other to answer because its SUCH a geeky title and neither of us wants to say it. meanwhile the person who asked is just like looking at us like ???? and then one of us answers and then they're really like WHY? and its always pretty embarassing.

well in the minutes leading up to the midnight of chrissy's birthday we're sitting there watching battlestar when will, courtney, adam and james (who annaliese lovingly dubbed "creepy james") come in. and they're like hey guys and as they get closer will and adam are like "HEY BATTLESTAR YEAAH!!" and me and hugh are like "YES!! FINALLY! SOMEONE WHO KNOWS IT AND DOESN'T REQUIRE US SOUNDING LIKE TOTALLY GEEKS!" and they're like "yeah well we just came from watching star wars, so we cant really talk". hahahah so that was pretty awesome. especially cause everyone else usually makes fun of us.

and then, of course, there's hugh's pregnancy.

he (clearly, as seen in all previous pictures) is a pretty skinny dude. but somehow he manages to inflate his stomach and make it look like hes a preggo. for example, the other day he was sitting at my desk "studying" (meaning facebooking) and i was actually studying (for once in my life) and i glance over.

he's got his shirt pulled up to just below his chest, his stomach inflated and his hands are lovingly holding it like pregnant people do and he has this dreamy look on his face as he looks over at me and says "wendy (pause) i'm pregnant (pause) it's yours." and as i attempt to hold back my laughter, i manage to choke out "uhhh. i'm not sure i'm ready for that kind of commitment". meanwhile hes still lovingly stroking his stomach.

it was pretty funny. hes done it on several occasions. and, call me infantile, but its still funny every time he does it. including just now when he did it. haha what a funny kid.

anyway so there's all these allusions to american food or stuff that i've mentioned that they don't have here that i decided they needed to try. so basically i asked my mom to send me a package full of lots of fun american food.

like the cereal cinnamon toast crunch which dharini had in canada and fell in love with. haha she was saying when she was there she ate like several boxes of it and literally dreams about it sometimes. hahaha so i definitely had my mom send a couple boxes of those along. and some lucky charms (cause they'd never even heard of it and which hugh, who's been the only one brave enough to try them, has said that the wheat bits are gross and so has only eaten the marshmallows out of it---like any good american would, of course.) and a couple boxes of honey bunches of oats which i was TOTALLY craving (and which hugh agreeds are good [nobody's willing to try any of the cereals (apart from the cinnamon toast crunch) except hugh!]).

and they'd never tried smores (or schmores as hugh calls them). even though they'd all heard about them from our tv and movies and stuff. cause they don't have graham crackers here! how weird is that! so i had my mom send over some marshmallows (which they're all divided on as to whether or not they like theirs or ours better [theirs are smaller, sweeter and less fluffy than ours. and sometimes they're pink and flavored. they're not bad, but i like ours better.]) and some hersheys chocolate (which originally they all described as tasting like vomit but now apparently has grown on hugh--its not my fault they can get cadbury cheap here, its expensive back home!). and the smores were good.

and they have mi goreng and maggi noodles but they're totally not as good as top ramen so i had my mom send over that too. and twinkies cause they talk about them a lot in zombieland and none of them had ever tried those either. and peanut butter m&ms which we promptly demolished cause they were crazy delicious (they get them here but theyre way expensive cause they're imported and they only come in the little m&m bags whereas my mom sent over those huge ones. ahh i seriously want some now)

so anyway on saturday was the "opp shop formal". apparently an opp shop is like a good will type thing so there were busses taking people to them friday morning but it was 10 am and i was like dude i'm not waking up that early to buy pre-worn clothes. some people got some really cool stuff actually. courtney got a fur coat and an evening gown for like 50 bucks total or something so she got pretty lucky and that was pretty awesome. and hugh...well youll see that later.

so anyway because it was early and i didn't want to go, i had nothing to wear. so then i went through like 15 different clothing changes and finally just decided i'd wear something that i just felt like wearing, even if it didn't look opp shoppy. well then they were like "you should wear your blue heels with it and then wear blue and purple makeup!" and i was like OK, i guess that'll match but i have to change my skirt. but then i didn't have a skirt that matched/looked ok with what i was wearing so then i got stuck wearing the one in the pictures so i look sketchy. but whatever.

hugh and dharini. it was too cute a picture to pass up. i think dharini thought so too, as it's her main on facebook. with good reason.

chrissy, annaliese, me, dharini and beck.

me and beck. oh wait, she didn't want me to post this picture. too late. i think it's cute.

dharini me and annaliese. my, what an unflattering picture of me. a lot of these are. oh well, annaliese and dharini look good so it doesn't really matter.

me and dharini.

roomies! er...apartmentmates? whatteverrrrr theyre awesome either way--me, chrissy (mid hairstyling) and annaliese.

dharini, beck and me. i figured i needed a picture with "the couple"

chrissy looks totally awesome in this picture, so i had to include it.

brett, me, ben and chisholm. i dont look all that fantastic but brett does and ben has a sort of blue steel thing going on so i figured i should post it. and chisholm had a singing tie. apparently he was shoving it by everyones ears all night so that they could hear it. somehow i missed that. nonetheless, how funny is that.

and here's hugh. i'm not sure how he acquired this balloon but he walks up to me and is like WENDY THIS BALLOON LOVES ME. IT JUST FLOATS NEXT TO ME AND WONT LEAVE AND IT FOLLOWS ME AROUND. and he was pretty pleased about it. and insisted i take several pictures (meaning 3). and in two of which he looks shockingly drunk (even though he was actually pretty close to sober all night---well ok most of the night, including at the time the pictures were taken. apparently he drank like a whole bottle of passion pop [incase you couldnt tell from the name, its painfully girly. but supposedly it tastes good and its 5 dollars a bottle (the size of a wine bottle) so he was "walkin on sunshine" watch from 25 to 45 seconds. the girl is a complete idiot but making fun of her is pretty funny so hugh's taken to saying IM WALKIN ON SUNSHINE!])

so anyway, heres him and his balloon friend. who actually did follow him around for a good 5 minutes and hovered next to him. as you can tell, by his "no hands!" pose.

so anyway it was really funny, cause once we were there, they have these like tables called "red frog tables" where they always serve water and snacks for all the drunks/dehydrate-ees out there so i go wandering over to get some water and receive THE DIRTIEST LOOK i think i've EVER gotten, from this random girl.

i was walking over and smiling cause i wasn't sure if the people over there were people i knew and i figured if they were then i'd smile at them and if they weren't, well then i'd just look happy. when i got there it was just like DAAAAAMN. i kept smiling cause it would have been weird if i hadn't but inside i was like RUN. SHES GOING TO KILL YOU WITH HER DEMON EYES. but then i remembered i couldn't run well in those shoes and just how weird i would have looked running away from effectively ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, so i just tried to look like i had a purpose as i walked back to hugh and clint-eastwood-ben (cause he looks like clint eastwood and his name is ben) AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. and was like DUDE GUYS I JUST THE DIRTIEST LOOK EVER. and they both offered to defend my honor. of course i declined, but you've gotta love australian boys and their sense of chivalry. hahahahaha

and then there were lots of balloons around and i think will gave me the idea of having some helium-inhaling fun (not that i didn't have it already, but i wasn't able to reach any balloons) so then me and brett were having some helium related fun. he was a lot funnier than i was, though. i can never think of anything to say worthwhile to say once i've got the helium. its such a catch 22. and then later me and hugh were messing with helium and making fun of the walkin on sunshine girl and that was entertaining.

and now its almost 5 in the morning and ive got class tomorrow at 11 and i think i've caught up on everything that's worthwhile. so i'm gonna leave it there for the night. annaliese still isn't home. i'm hoping shes not still working on her essay and that shes just fallen asleep at beck and dharini's or something. cause she does that sometimes. and, although i'm constantly up till past 5 working on my essays, she doesn't usually do that and it clearly hasn't worked out all that well for me here (back home i was fine cause UCSD's history department grades pretty easy) cause they're way harder graders/don't have grade inflation. which i guess is a good thing. but when you get used to catering to a specific system your whole life, changing isn't as easy as youd think. but whatever. ill survive.

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