Thursday, January 27, 2011

AND NOW. a public service announcement from beck.

HELLO PEOPLE/YO! That’s the traditional greeting over here for those of you who may not realise it. And yes, you may note that we spell realise with an ‘s’ not a ‘z’…

As you can probably tell, this is not Wendy, I know, I know you all set this blog up for her exclusively, but we Australian’s prefer to be inclusive and so consequently you have a me – a native Australian - writing this.

SO I shall commence by saying that I am Rebecca…. An exotic name no?.... but anyway that’s my name, and Wendy lives in my apartment block. I must admit she has been ‘representin’ the US pretty damn well, and I’ve heard no complaints about her so far. I mean sure she does have the accent and say bizarre words like legit but we on a whole tolerate…. No ACCEPT… NO WELCOME… NO LOVE her. Over the past week she has basically been chillin in our crib and we been rollin round the hood -if Canberra constitutes as a hood (its known as the hole of Australia… and yet I a Sydney-sider have enjoyed being here thouroughly). Anyway, so she has been here and we been chillin, and yes if any of you are wondering she has told us all about you, all your funny most embarrassing secrets…. Especially YOU! Yes you reading this. But no she hasn’t really … OR HAS SHE?!.... no. OK so anyway Im really supposed to be doing my Torts crap so im going to leave you all with a few announcements:
1. Australia is really nice and sunny right now
2. The beach is really nice
3. University or college as you guys say is pretty good atm and I can tell Wendy loves it so much that she told me earlier that she may move here
4. If you have any questions just pass them onto wendy and Ill be sure to answer any queries.
ADIOS! (another traditional Australian thing).

wendy says: so i guess ill have guest posters here from now on. adios, as hugh said, is not a traditional australian thing. dont let her fool you.

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