Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just a message

So here I sit looking out the window (above), mind wandering through wonderful times past, watching laughter and noise trapped in the delicate bubbles of my memory burst and sprinkle words onto this page, fingers eager to tell, city streets silent to hear their secrets... OH THE SUSPENSE!

Well enough of that.

Yo People! Welcome to Wendy’s blog. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances she has been unable to write at this present time and has entrusted me, as her new best friend in the whole world, to write for her...

Now I have been a follower of both Wendy’s blog and her fond story’s of the US of A. In her time here, I have learnt much about her Americano ways. I have also learnt about the many cereals you have, clearly a pivotal part of your society. Annaliese in particular has taken to their sugary goodness, although she also drinks red cordial straight so a description of sugary goodness is perhaps not best taken from her.

Well Brittani has arrived now, Wendy has at last been reunited with her second best friend... I know she’s friends with Paul too, and possibly has other second best friends on par so sorry if you weren’t mentioned... BUT the point being, is that Brittani has arrived and has consequently prompted more bubble popping fun. This morning at the street cafe brought to our attention Wendy’s tickle-ish-ness.
Now I have taken to chasing Wendy around threatening to tickle her just because seeing her run, gleefully about really seems to pluck a joyous chord in my, and Dharini and Annaliese’s hearts. Many a time I have chased her down the street, arms reaching out for a terrified laugh, watching as Wendy has bolted into the distance, through the autumn now winter leaves, screaming, watching at a distance, terrified, watching, laughing, watching, terrified. Sounds a bit stalkeresque but whatever, down in Australia doing this sort of thing is normal...*cough.

ANYWAY, the story is this: two/three/four weeks ago, I, for some unknown reason, was giving Wendy the silent treatment, for some terrible and cruel thing she had done to me; anyway payback was to chase her down the hall and tickle her into a coma. Dharini and Annaliese helped of course. Somehow we managed to chase her until she was falling backwards in front of the study room, needless to say Wendy does not fall onto the wall to support her, no, she fell backwards through the door so that she ended up, upside down, dying with laughter (a pretty gruesome image, though it is true), and looking up she realises that there is a room full of international Asian students who are glaring at her in both horror and surprise, thinking that all of us were drunk (we weren’t) and all Wendy can say is ‘I am sooo sorry, I am sooo sorry,’ words broken over her giggles. By this time, room 117 had heads popped out the door in confusion and we close the study room door and crying with laughter, and talking about the embarrassment and the expressions of all the other students, stupidly not fully recognising the fact that the whole study room wall and door is glass, so that they could see us. Anyway.... (looks to feet)... not funny? Well I guess you just had to be there.

Well I have finished my pretzels now, the salt is burning the side of my tongue and I feel like I have an ulcer in my stomach but I shall push ahead.

So now they (Wendy, Leslie, Annaliese and Dharini) are playing nerts and singing along to Glee, and I really ought to be doing law stuff sooooo its best that I go my fellow bloggers... xoxo. (totally gossip girling right now- btw Wendy pretends not to be into that show but she really is)

(PS: Wendy has asked Dharini and Annaliese to write a blog too –following in the trend I set many months ago, and now they feel pressure to out-do me... remember I was first, and they got to see my writing before – anything they may say in retaliation against this ‘ps’ ought not to be taken into consideration)

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