Friday, January 28, 2011

russians and birthdays, makeup and mustaches. (now with amendments!)

so i realized i had more to say on these topics, so i'm just going to write everything that i'm adding in in italics, that way, if you've already read it and don't want to reread, you can just skip straight to that!

so i've been busy the last couple weeks and haven't been able to update this. and everyone's been giving me a hard time for it-people from TWO continents! now how many people can say they've got people on more than one continent pestering them? well probably more than you'd expect, but i still feel pretty cool anyway. so anyway, here's my last 5 weeks in a nutshell.

unfortunately, not only have i been too busy to update this (two 3000 word RESEARCH [I HATE RESEARCH] essays, a lab report [A RESEARCH LAB REPORT. who does that? CONFUSING PEOPLE, THAT'S WHO. i don't have to write up the lab i did, i have to compare our answers to published kaka. it's due monday and i'm FREAKING OUT. so what have i chosen to do to fill the time? why procrastinate by doing this, of course. BRILLIANT. REALLY. i'm an idiot.] and countless [ok well i guess its been 5x6, so 30] hours of research for my internship) but i've been too busy a lot of the time to do much fun stuff. so unfortunately, this doesn't have quite as much excitement as some of my other posts (i was gonna say there's no instances of public urination but actually there is after last night, but i guess there's no instances of...umm......nevermind. i can't think of anything i've mentioned before that OH. THERE'S NO GREEN BEER. yep. that's something we didn't have these last 5 weeks...)

ANNNNYway. i dunno where to start so i'm just gonna start. annaliese brought this red wool poncho here and we use it as a blanket/couch cover a lot. and she also has this most excellent hat that makes everyone look like a cossack. soviet? which is better to say? er which one is appropriate? i guess you can decide. anyway, the poncho either makes you look like little red riding hood or a major commie. so of course i had to take pictures of everyone (well everyone willing to wear it) and put it on here.

theres annaliese.

and hughie.he wears it quite a lot actually. i didn't realize but he wears it whenever he takes a nap on our couch, which is surprisingly often.

so i guess by everyone, that just means annaliese and hugh. well. it seemed like more people were wearing it before. oh well.

so anyway that's kinda funny.

anyway i think it was a couple weekends after that that nicky d had friends coming, and beck/dharini's friend andrew came. it was funny cause i had tons of stuff to do but nicky d was telling us all how his friend was the funniest drunk ever and that he'd suggest things for you to do but he'd acutally want to do them (like "chug this ___[something disgusting]" "no pinny [his last name or something i dunno but that's what they called him], i think you should do it" "okay!")

anyway this is from right to left: pinny, nicky d and their other friend who beck and dharini now refer to as mini pinny cause hes pinnys little brother and we dont remember his name (our bad nicky d/mini pinny, if you happen to be reading this)

meanwhile, beck and dharini's friend ward (er andrew. dharini calls him ward, beck calls him andrew. i think i switched between both) was here and i was like DUDE. HES PAUL'S BETTER LOOKING AUSTRALIAN TWIN. he looks especially like paul in this picture with me and dharini.

later i told him that he looked like a better looking australian version of one of my best friends. he seemed flattered i think. and i made him take a picture with me. anyway he doesn't look like paul so much in this picture, but brittani agreed with me that he does in the first one...

so yeah, that was pretty entertaining.

meanwhile, hugh was getting very drunk and having a very good time (as for usual. poor kid, i make him sound like a huge drunk) so goon [boxed wine] comes in boxes and in that box is the silver goon bag. and apparently once you finish the goon contained within the bag, you can inflate the bag and use it as a pillow, as demonstrated:

hahaha. yeep. and it gets better. the 117 boys have an extra bed in their living room cause nicky d brought his own bed from home and unilodge has been too lazy to come collect the extra bed/they didn't report it and someone complained to unilodge that they had an extra bed in their livingroom and unilodge didnt care. the boys don't mind having it there cause every time anyone stays over they can sleep there and it makes for convenient seating so it all works out.

well drunk hugh had some fun. we were listening to music and he claims he didn't know we were looking at him.


but by the way he seems to respond to beck's goading, i'm guessing he was just too drunk to remember.


so that was probably one of the hilights of the night.

so basically beck's been playing basketball. and shes actually really pretty good. and not just cause shes tall. but anyway she had to do the jump ball. so that was pretty cool. so i attempted to take a picture. unfortunately i didn't get her in the air but at least i got her starting to jump.

its really cute too, cause beck and dharini put their mattresses out in the livingroom and sleep there so its like a slumber party every night. so dharini has seen her asleep and like playing basketball in her dreams. how cute is that. dharini was saying she twitches and stuff. our team was actually pretty good too. so yep.

anyway a couple weeks ago there was a makeup and mustaches party. to get in you had to buy a ticket and then have either makeup or a mustache. so i ended up doing annaliese, dharini and my makeup. it actually came out pretty well. i was a little surprised. and hugh made fun of me "but wendy, you're a nerd? nerds aren't supposed to be able to do makeup" wellll i'm awesome.

so anyway here's both makeup and a mustache...

how fantastic is ben's mustache? i'm afraid my makeup may not compare.

aand here's beck, dharini, me, sarah ladyman, annaliese and..emily-thanks beck...anyway i did all their makeup...(and yes i do feel really bad that i cant remember her name. ordinarily i know it but its a bit late and i'm not just a little bit tired so...i'm a terrible person)

so anyway i had tons to do so there wasn't really anything worthwhile to talk about until...

wait before that

hugh brought his xbox here and among other things (namely me spilling milk he left uncapped on it) beck played grand theft auto on it. and its literally like the funniest thing i've ever seen. and then hugh was playing it again today and my stomach muscles still hurt from laughing so hard. nobody thinks its as funny as me though. i'd think i was ridiculous but... no actually i probably just am. but i remember this one time trent and nader were playing it when we were like freshmen and it was equally funny then. so apparently i'm just really easily amused by people doing dumb stuff on a video game.

i think the thing is that i keep thinking about if people were doing the dumb stuff they do in real life, well actually it'd be really horrible a lot of the time, but some of it would still be really really funny. for example, beck is THE WORST DRIVER EVER in the game. and its REALLY REALLY REALLY funny to watch her try. i'm literally laughing right now just thinking about it.

shes gonna resent me for saying that.

in all fairness, shes getting pretty good at call of duty (which originally when she was learning she kept friendly fire-ing. she'd be like "do i kill this guy" and shes a pretty good shot and simultaneously me and nicky d would respond, but he'd say something like "YES DEFNITELY" and i'd say "NO HES YOUR FRIENDS HE GOT A NAME OH MY GOD YOUVE ALREADY KILLED HIM. BECK!!" and he'd be laughing. it was really really pretty funny actually. but it was taking beck a while to complete the level cause every time she'd kill a teammate she'd have to restart. it was pretty funny). but i'm thinking that's a different skillset.

anyway apparently i'm pretty infantile and beck attempting to shove a guy out of his own car in order to steal it but then gets shoved out by the guy who then gets back in his car and drives away and hugh crashing his helicopter multiple times and shooting a guy who's running away who then falls over and gets run over by a truck which would probably give me years of therapy in real life is HILARIOUS on xbox.

well actually what beck was doing was just pretty funny all the way around. nonetheless. i'm literally laughing just describing it.

does that make me a bad person? oh well.

well, that's one incredibly effective way to keep me entertained.

which was thursday. as in the day before yesterday.

the night before chrissy's birthday was courtney's so at slightly before midnight everyone came up to our room to celebrate the last minutes of courtney's birthday and the first minutes of chrissy's. so anyway a few days before that, i'd asked my mom to sent some american food that was all stuff that gets mentioned here a lot but that nobody'd had. so i'd had her send twinkies cause after watching zombieland everyone was like WHAT DO THEY TASTE LIKE!? so for courtney's birthday her boyfriend had bought her a singing candle that played a happy birthday in little electronic tunes so that was kinda funny so we shoved that in a twinkie and sang happy birthday to them both. haha it was ghetto but it was still entertaining. so then on chrissy's birthday is when we actually celebrated but we figured we had to do something at midnight!

dharini, annaliese and beck cooked dinner while chrissy and me talked about really awful b grade horror movies. it was a fantastic conversation. so anyway...

and here's dharini, courtney and me.

aand here's me and hugh. it'd be a completely inconsequential picture and wouldn't really have any need to be here but dude, how awesome do i look in this picture. its not often i get a picture like this and well, i'm gonna show it off.

and here's chrissy and hugh. really i just posted it cause, how cute does chrissy look! haha

so then we decided to go out for cocktails and we waited in the entry to unilodge for beck and dharini and hugh disappeared outside and i was like dude we probably shouldn't leave him alone in his drunken state so i walk outside unilodge to look for him. and i look to my left and hes standing next to a potted plant

and i'm like dude we were worried about you. and he was like "i was peeing" (as promised, more public urination!!) and now that i think about it, there was a bathroom possibly closer to him than outside. so i'm pretty sure that kid just really likes public urination.

anyway so then we went out and got cocktails and everyone except me (including hugh) got mrs. kensingtons which are really pretty good. they're basically like smoothies with alcohol. but you cant taste the alcohol.

there's noree, chrissy, courtney, dharini and beck.

well anyway after i left there we tried to go to icbm (a dancey place) but it was like a ghost town so we didnt, and we just went back to unipub. and we danced there and stuff. and then we called it an early night cause we all had to get up early and stuff and we were all kinda tired.

so anyway we came back and annaliese and i decided to watch romeo + juliet, the leonardo di caprio one cause everyone here seems to love it (including hugh) and i haven't ever seen it. it was pretty good but i only watched half of it before drunk hugh comes in and needs me to help him find his key which he's lost.

so i go with him to look for it and we walk up to the elevator which has all these bulletin boards next to it and they're usually covered in papers but there's all these papers on the floor and i'm like ? and hugh just looks at me with this HUGE smile on his face.

and i'm like what the heck? and hes like "i did it" and he was incredibly proud of himself.

so i start cracking up. and then the elevator comes to take us down two floors. and the giant smile comes back when the doors open because the floor IS COVERED IN FLYERS. and i think our conversation went a bit like this





"ok well you've gotta stop!!"

so basically we get out of the elevator and there's a whole bulletin board FULL of things hugh hasnt yet pulled down. so NATURALLY he goes CRAZY on it. and i'm going DUDE!!!

so basically i grab him around the stomach and attempt to pull him away as he claws for the flyers. i'd imagine it would have been pretty funny to see; hes a good 8 inches taller than me.

so basically then we find a key in the computer lab that hes convinced is his. but since there's like 10 other people in there and i'm not sure if its one of theirs, i force him to try it on his door so that he hadn't just stolen someone else's key. well first floor (which he lives on) has posters all over the walls (cause mcbain likes to decorate, i think) and its pretty cool, it gives the place character.

now i'm not saying hugh went clawing for them, and i'm not saying he succeeded. all i'm saying is, i really hope nobody was watching us on stalker cam or they'd have been laughing EXCESSIVELY.

and today we got to see a bit of the carnage that he left behind. there's ripped bits of paper still stuck to some of the bulletin boards from where he ripped off the flyers and i'm pretty sure hes still just as proud of himself.

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