Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sydney Day 4

And now begins day 4…

So after getting out of the eap information session everyone had been talking about the Chinese new year festival in Chinatown. So a few of us decided to brave the rain, humidity and heat for it.

After getting about halfway to Chinatown the guys decided they wanted to go into an arcade and proceeded to buy 5 dollars worth of credits. None of us girls could really figure out why. it was effectively the same as any American arcade we'd ever been to and it didn’t have any amazing prizes or anything to make it any more worthwhile, but whatever.

So it was a nice arcade and well airconditioned and everything and it actually was nice to be out of the rain and the boys decided to use their 5 dollars in credits to play tekken. Which is totally something we have back in America but they kept telling us that because we were closer to japan their games were automatically better. Fyi they were definitely DEFINITELY the same. But whatever it was fun anyway.

The game had a boxing kangaroo which was pretty awesome. Even the little joey in its pouch had boxing gloves on. I thought it was a specifically Australian version character and thought it was pretty cool. It wasn’t. apparently its on all versions. So that made it automatically not authentic Australian and thus not as cool. Anyway the kangaroo lost to like one of those crazy asian chick characters and that was kinda funny…Australia/peta lose. Anyway we all had a go and when I played I somehow got stuck with a really really slutty girl character. Not sure how it happened. But anyway I kicked butt first round and then promptly lost the next three. I know. Fail. I blame the slutty character for being terrible at following my button pressing commands.

anyway heres us and the tekken machine.

theoretically that last part was completely pointless because its something we could easily do back in the states so I really shouldn’t have written about it. To all those who say that I say… I do what I want.

So anyway after leaving the arcade we kept walking toward where we thought we heard Chinese music, eventually stumbling upon a group of elderly Taiwanese people doing a traditional Taiwanese dance. They were pretty awesome. It wouldn’t have been half as cool if the dancers were 50 years younger. Im pretty sure if they had been we wouldn’t have stayed to watch. But seeing old people dance was awesome cause I mean. C’mon.

so anyway after standing and watching the elderly Taiwanese people dance we went searching for food. We ended up at a Turkish Australian restauraunt. And what we found there was 6 dollars worth of about 10 different kinds of awesome. Coupled with several helpings of guilt….

yes my friends, that was a kangaroo burger. And it was delicious. And horrible. All at the same time. It was a little bit spicy and it was kangaroo steak so it was really good. But it was kangaroo. And im pretty sure when I go up to pet them at a petting zoo theyre going to run away screaming cause they’ll smell the kangaroo burger on me. They’ll know im guilty. ☹ poor kangaroos. Poor delicious kangaroos.


So then we went to Chinatown. Which was really more like China-one-square-block but whatever. I was kind of expecting something huge, not necessarily because that’s what i'm used to because of the huge Chinatown in San Francisco and LA but because everyone kept going on and on about it. I was expecting something massive. Instead it's like one alleyway. And we almost missed it. For once my directional skills were good (ok maybe they weren’t good, maybe I was just saying we should FOLLOW THE CROWD) but nobody would listen to me until after we followed where they wanted to go and they were wrong. But it was all good. I was just happy to be right for once.

Anyway. It was a wide alleyway.. more like a street actually but with only foot traffic. It was cool. Just not what I was expecting. They have these gates flanking both sides of “chinatown” aka both ends of the no-cars-allowed-street. I thought it was pretty cool. What was nice too, and i'm beginning to think its just because Australia isn’t sketchy in some places like America, but it was totally not sketchy like Chinatown in San Francisco. Well. It may have been a little sketchy but that’s just to be expected of china towns I think (maybe im basing all of this off of the most excellent movie big trouble in little china and a "bones" episode i watched the other day but WHATEVER)

outside the gates to Chinatown there was this guy standing there on stilts and like hula hooping and looking crazy and getting lots of money for it. If I had been able to figure out Australian coinage at the time without taking 10 minutes to read what everything was so that I didn’t accidentally give him a 2 dollar coin, I totally would have thrown something in. it was pretty cool. A little bit weird and a little bit scary cause he had the white face makeup like a clown but it was still kinda cool nonetheless.

and then it just so happened that as we were walking in to china alley that the Chinese new years dragons were out. So that was awesome. We caught basically the end of their show and then them just walking out but it was still cool. Here's what I managed to get by means of pictures (everyone in Australia is really tall so it was a bit hard to see what I was getting pictures of as I held my camera up as high as possible and just tried to see what I could get). There were two dragons and when they were leaving they both walked nearish to me and that was pretty cool. Not sure if these pictures reflect that though haha.

so then as we were leaving Chinatown we walked past these pretty cherry blossom trees that were blooming. Being that i'm from californa and have seen cherry blossoms before in my life, it wasn’t exactly my first impulse to take pictures of them. But then everyone else was and I was like ok it is kinda pretty next to that pink building so I figured I would too. Haha and now here it is. Just a little taste of the foliage of Chinatown for all of you.

so walking through Sydney there were pornography stores EVERYWHERE. Not just in Chinatown. It was really funny actually. Cause there was this one block that did not seem sketchy or anything at all but it had two porn stores with like 5 regular stores between them. It was extra funny because Australia has kind of interesting censorship laws as far as pornography goes ("attack of the show" and caleb told me its not like I researched it on my own or anything).

That porn store in particular had nice placement. I think it was on basically the same block as the church in the next picture. This church cracked me up though because it looked like a baseball logo and at first I thought it was like a really well decorated sports bar or something and instead as I got closer I realized it said JESUS. And I was just like HAHAHA. And it kind of reminded me of in dogma how they had the buddy Christ because they wanted to reconnect with people and make church accessible. This sort of seemed like the same thing to me---like trying to make church hip. Its like c’mon. nobody goes to church to be cool. Im pretty sure you don’t need to keep up with the hip times—IF YOU BUILD IT PEOPLE WILL STILL COME.

so anyway the darling harbor area (or at least it took you to darling harbor) had this monorail system. It was kind of cute and kind of reminded me of Disneyland. Ah a little touch of Anaheim in the middle of Sydney…

so then we went searching for a pub because all of us were pretty thirsty as it was pretty hot despite the rain. What we found was this…

I thought it was a pretty cool façade and I liked that it was named the three wise monkeys. Unfortunately as we were walking in, we noticed the dress code sign outside saying no flip flops or shorts that aren’t like dress shorts. So that ruled out both the guys and one of the girls (on the flip flops) so we ended up not going there. Nonetheless I still thought it was a cute place. Well at least the outside was. I was kind of surprised that pubs have strict dresscodes though. I feel like that would never fly in America. I mean people go to get drunk or because theyre bikers in America. I feel like people going don’t get really dressed up. So the fact that they actually care what you wear here was different.

So anyway after that we just decided to walk back to the hotel and maybe find something else on the way.

While we were walking back there was this random group of people who looked like students singing on what looked like church steps (but probably wasn’t because all the architecture in Sydney looks nice and the only time im used to seeing anything that nice is when it’s a church…America fail). And they were all actually like really good and like harmonized and everything. And it was starting to rain and everything and they just kept singing. It was awesome. So one of the guys gave them money which they didn’t seem to care all that much about getting cause they didn’t have a thing like laid out there was just like one guy taking their picture and also holding out like a top hat. It was pretty cool.

so it really was weird weather. As we started to head back to the hotel everything got really foggy. It wasn’t that dense on the ground or anything but further above it was. The Sydney tower was like totally obscured. And it was still pretty warm out…

so we still hadn’t gotten any drinks and had just decided that we'd go back to the trusty Hotel William which was actually a pub and not a hotel and located conveniently across the street (basically) from our hotel and had the cheapest beers anyone could find. They were still like 4 bucks but it was better than the 8 it cost everywhere else. The guys were going there just about every day but it was still only the second time i'd been.

i'm pretty sure the bartender didn’t care for them terribly though. And if he did, i'm pretty sure he hated us after this time. The pub had a jukebox thing that was all like touch screen and kinda cool and the guys had been talking about buying songs on it for days. More specifically, miley’s "party in the usa." So that was the day their dreams of miley in Australia came to fruition. They bought 7 songs for 5 dollars and insisted on playing all songs about America—party in the usa, im in Miami, hotel California, etc etc etc. (they forced me to choose one so I picked California love. Lets face it, we all know im pretty gangster……..hahahahah)

here is a picture of the guys and miley on the screen. You cant really see her but she was there.

anyway after all the songs we'd paid for ran out, we went back and figured we'd get dinner later. And later after dinner and everything when we were walking back from an irish pub on the edge of kings cross (the pub was not sketchy at all despite being technically in kings cross. It was really nice it had live music and the guy had a voice conducive to swing music so people were like swing dancing. It was pretty cool.

And on the way back to the hotel I saw this…


I certainly thought so. Good job Australia!

End of day 4…Canberra begins TOMORROW. (aka whenever I post it)

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