Thursday, January 27, 2011

weeks 3 and 4

So right now i'm writing this partially because I told everyone I’d update my blog when I finished everything Thursday, and partially because I don’t want to write my lab report but I have nothing else to do. So anyway, its 245 am and here goes.

There are so many times that I wish I had a camera phone here. I mean you never realize how many worthy things there are to take pictures of until you cant/rarely carry your camera with you (I know I’m a failure). So in the beginning of this I don’t have much by means of pictures. But then I decided that carrying a camera and keeping these memories for posterity and whatnot was more worthwhile than me not carrying it. I’ve officially transformed into the dreaded DUN DUN DUN


I know, it’s awful isn’t it? Actually, if you’re reading this, you probably wouldn’t agree because, lets face it, the only reason you're reading this at all is so that the pictures make sense, but I’m sure almost anyone in any of these pictures would.


Here goes.

So a couple weeks ago (because I’m apparently really awful at updating this) we decided to go get ice cream. So we walked to the civic center which has all the shops and everything to get it and there was this festival thing going on. we didn’t know about it or I would have brought my camera. Anyway there was this sweet dinosaur. It looked a lot like the little one, here, (if you haven’t seen it, you seriously should. Its awesome. Ill wait while you watch.)

So anyway there was this dinosaur walking around and OF COURSE I don’t have my camera with me and it was SUPER LAME. But whatever. Annaliese and Dharini both got pictures of me attempting to approach/touch the dinosaur who was very temperamental, one minute he was lying on the ground and letting kids pet him and the next minute he was attacking this lady. It was pretty awesome.

So then we were at this café getting sherbet that was near it and sitting outside and stuff and there was this lady(?) who was with the same group as the dinosaur (i'm hoping) who was like walking next to people and possibly scaring them cause he/she looked pretty crazy. I never actually got close enough to see that well what she looked like but from far away it kinda looked like caveman attire and some crazy dredlocks. It was pretty cool too. I don’t think anyone got any pictures of her/him though.

So then one thursday night (cause thursday is apparently the party night here) we all went out and it was uneventful and basically the same as usual but I came home early cause my feet were DEAD and then just hung out on first floor with everyone and somehow the fire department got called on the elevator. and it was pretty funny cause McBain, the first floor RA had to talk to them and we were just standing there, listening to hold music for like 5 minutes. SO MUCH FOR SPEEDY RESPONSES. but anyway, heres a picture which is really the reason i'm writing about it cause i figured someday i'm going to look back at that picture and be like why would i take a picture of that but really THERE WAS A REASON. even if it wasn't a very good one.

that's Ollie (who also lives on my floor), Jinxy, Courtney, Will and McBain.

oh and because i figured this picture would need a caption in the future or i would just think i was taking pictures stupidly, this is beck who just happened to wear all black that day and decided she looked like an emo kid. so she proceeded to find purple lipstick and combed her bangs to make her look like an emo kid and then went to her history of europe class with annaliese and hugh (who she decided she was attempting to scare with the lipstick and hair).

Anyway a couple days (or maybe it was a week. whatever…everything blends together okay!) later hugh said there was a concert at ANU bar (the on campus bar that I’ve never actually been into but walk past all the time on my way to class) and that it was 50 bucks but people were saying if you stood outside you could hear everything perfectly. So we were like hey, we (annaliese beck and me) don’t know Angus and Julia Stone (they’re a brother and sister group and were actually really good…note to self, steal their music from hugh) but we may as well go (with dharini and hugh [obviously] who did know who they were). So we went and there was this huge line for the concert and we just sat on the grass and watched as all these people paid to get in.

And while we were sitting there, there was this like dark shape moving around by a tree near us and I was like “WHAT IS THAT?!?” and I may or may not have begun to get up to back away (I’d say it was cowardly, but all of you reading this have CONDITIONED me to fear Australian wildlife so I blame this on you) And they were all like “what? It’s a possum. Go hug it.” And I was like “DUDE. THAT THING’S CUTE! OUR POSSUMS ARE HIDEOUS! And you’re stupid, it’s a wild animal why would I try to hug it” And they were all saying it was a thing you tell tourists (like drop bears) and I was like dude I’m not an idiot. (I saw possums another time with other people and they also said “OH GO HUG IT” and I was like “DUDE! no.” so I guess it is common) and apparently they carry their babies on their backs (I haven’t seen it but I’ve seen other people's (nicky d's of 117) pictures and it’s really cute.) They may actually not be considered all that cute by other people (I can hear brittani and paul in my head right now going “dude that thing’s hideous too”) BUT I think theyre way cuter and theyre kinda fluffy and they don’t look like giant white rats.

But whatever.

Go google images Australian possum, right now. They seriously are cute.

But anyway BACK TO ANGUS AND JULIA STONE. So we were waiting outside and then they eventually started playing so we walked over to like the wall (which was basically a bunch of glass doors that happened at that moment to be closed) of ANU bar and stood there and had an almost PERFECT view of them and the sound quality was pretty awesome too. It was very cool.

It was funny, though, cause there was this security guard that kept coming by and every time I thought he was going to tell us to either buy a ticket or go away but every time he just came up and like talked with us/listened to the music and then walked away. And I was just like DUDE GO AUSTRALIA! If this had happened in the states he so would have told us to get away from the door and stop loitering, you delinquents. So I was like wow even security guards here are nice.
It was funny too cause people kept joining us standing outside and they were always from unilodge because apparently were all too cheap to actually pay to get into a concert. YEAH UNILODGE!

So anyway Beck, Annaliese and me decided we had too much stuff to do to stay for too long (we were there for like a half hour of their playing) and headed back to unilodge.

Meanwhile, the glass doors apparently opened and Dharini and Hugh and the other people they were with were like SWEET and pushed in to like the ultrafront row of the crowd and basically were directly in front of the stage (they have like perfect pictures) and all the people who were in there and paid 50 bucks probably hated their guts but for them it was pretty awesome.
ah cheapness. most excellent.

Anyway, after that was st. patricks day (like Angus and Julia were Sunday and St. Pattys was Wednesday of that week). So my St. Patrick’s day here was probably the best I’ve ever had. I didn’t even get green beer [which they had but i didnt know/didnt want to drink anything] but just the fact that I was actually able to go to an irish pub with all my friends was awesome. BUT STARTING FROM THE BEGINNING.

My st patricks day started fairly normal, we got got cheap chicken schnitzel, which apparently is really popular in australia and pubs always have it, from UNI pub (it was only 6.50 and it comes with fries. How sweet is that? anyway so we got that and then went to P.J. O’Reilley’s, one of the many irish pubs nearby. And I didn’t get anything to drink but I felt very irish, I assure you. Anyway everyone was there and it was really fun and they had a band that played such hits as Sweet Home Alabama, among others. hahaha it was fun.

And i guess if you bought a pint of Guinness you had a chance to win one of these ridiculous hats that a few people had so we just kept passing the hats around. The 117 guys were saying that every year they want to get one and every year after St Patrick's day is over they're glad they didn't actually waste/spend the money to try and win one. haha

Anyway, Australia apparently has a high irish population. And people here go crazy for ireland and there were people wearing kiss me I’m irish stuff and I was thinking that they probably don’t do that in ireland cause it’d be a bit redundant-if you’re living in ireland then you’re PROBABLY IRISH.

so this is 4/5 of 117 (ben's missing), among others, from left to right, Amy, Jinxy (117), Roland, Nicky D (117), Dan (117) and Brett (117) and Chisholm (whos not in 117 but is around a lot is in the background in the green hat and he looks like hes a WRANGER but hes not, its the hat.)

here's hugh, beck, me, dharini and dan.

and i needed a picture in one of the ridiculous hats. so here's hugh (who wasn't drunk but just cant seem to keep his eyes open in pictures like 90% of the time), dan and me

you know, looking at those pictures, i was one of the only ones that night to wear green. i think i made fun of everyone at the time, but yeah, that's kinda funny.

You know whats funny? I mean my parents always made fun of me saying that I couldn’t be their daughter because I didn’t like Mexican food. And then I went to san diego and Irene made amazing Mexican food and then I sort of didn’t mind it. And now that I’m here, I mean I don’t find myself missing it or anything cause I still don’t like it all that much, but the australians all seem to love it…or at least what they think is Mexican.

Which is hilarious. I mean its adorable, and I absolutely love them for it…

But its hilarious.

So we had Mexican night tonight which was really just us making burritos. They have Old El Paso here so that’s pretty much what they consider Mexican and it was good. I couldn’t complain at all. I may have even liked it better than quite a lot of the Mexican I’ve had back home (El Burro comes to mind--sorry danny, but its true.)

but well, you know how mexicans love beans? I mean Irene makes her refried beans from scratch and my mom buys the canned ones (I know Marisol and Irene are cringing right now but not all of us can have insane Mexican cooking skills!!). Basically beans are the staple of Mexican food as pasta is the staple of Italian or rice is the staple of japanese. Welllllllllllllll they like don’t eat refried beans here. And they didn’t sell them at IGA which is the closest like market to where we live. Although apparently they do sell it at Supabarn but it looked wrong. Anyway, Roland who's actually a really good cook was saying we could just use baked beans and smush them cause he’s done it before but I was like uhhhhh no totally not the right type of beans to be smushing.

so there were more of us planning on eating the burritos than was originally planned anyway so me beck and hugh ran to iga to get more stuff and I looked for refried beans which they totally did not have (they had like old el paso seasoned kidney beans that were like shown in a burrito in the picture but lets face it, that’s totally not it). I mean I’m no bean connoisseur, and half the time I don’t even like Mexican food, but c’mon, you cant compromise on that.

Anyway I couldn’t find the proper beans so I was just like forget it I’m sure it’ll be fine without it. And it totally was. I mean it wasn’t necessarily authentic, but it was delicious. But like the entire way home I was cracking up. Cause I mean honestly. Mexican food…without beans…..?! hahahahahaha and hugh kept looking at me like I was crazy and saying beans weren’t that great anyway and he wouldn’t have wanted them no matter what. Annnnd that kind of made me laugh even harder. just writing about it now makes me laugh. And I’m not even Mexican!

so here's some pictures from our mexican night.

that's dharini, chrissy and annaliese cooking

this is hugh, beck and roland NOT helping cook (ironically they're the three taking spanish. FAIL)

thats teh (not a misspell, thats how i said it. teh. im ridiculous when its late [417 am]) foood. and our homemade guacamole.

thats everyone eating icy poles. which are effectively like otter pops.

and that's beck and i thought it was a funny picture.


that weekend was SKYFIRE. which is Canberra's excuse to set off a ton of fireworks once a year over this man-made lake that I didn't even know existed that everyone made fun of me for not knowing existed until we were sitting there and i was like DUDE THAT'S A LAKE and they were all like duuh.

to get there we had to walk through canberra and across places i'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to be walking and it was dark and among other places we j walked across this really busy street that may or may not have been a highway that had several lanes and we stood in the middle of the traffic median and it was pretty funny so i took a picture.

and here's the lake and the crowd- i thought the crowd would make kind of a cool picture cause it seemed like everyone had glowy thingys.

so anyway, all of us were there and it was pretty fun. it wasn't the most tactically amazing fireworks spectacular i've ever seen (cause lets face it, disneyland really knows what it's doing when it comes to fireworks) but the grand finale was totally awesome. it was sort of like they were trying to see how many fireworks they could get up into the air at once so the sky was crazy. it was awesome!

here's some pictures...

OK MULTIPLE ROWS OF PEOPLE. HERE GO THE NAMES. front row: Annaliese, Jinxy and McBain, middle row: Hugh, me (duh) and Roland, back row: Dharini who you can see peeking out behind Hugh and Kiran (Beck and Dharini's friend who came down for the weekend from Sydney where he goes to school) who's about half covered by my head.

ok heres dharini, beck, hugh, me and roland.

AND AGAIN, from top to bottom, dharini, beck, hugh, me, roland, annaliese, jinxy and mcbain.

and now for the fireworks!

so then the next day was the cricket finals. unilodge actually made it to the finals! yay!! and brett of 117 was the coach so we all figured we needed to make an appearance. and we were against johns and everyone hates johns cause they're the sporty jerk college. so theyre crazy good at sports and when i say crazy good i mean CRAZY. as in they're VICIOUS. and the girls are pretty vicious too. apparently last year when we played them in girls field hockey it was bloody. anyway they may or may not have kind of killed us in cricket which i now have a sort of basic knowledge of. but hey, at least we made it that far!

here's a couple pictures. i didn't really know what to focus in on so all the cricketers look pretty small and when everyone was looking at the pictures they were like why are you taking pictures of that girl's legs? well its not my fault beck's legs were in the way, ok?

anyway later that night we went and got dinner at the chinese place below kinloch (it's the other Unilodge, its newer and has foxtel [the equivalent of cable] in all the rooms but is also socially dead and is right down the block). and it was good.

and so then after that we decided to get dessert and hugh had been craving pancakes for the last like week plus, so we decided to go to the pancake parlor. apparently designated pancake houses are common here? i couldn't think of any back home. i mean i guess we have denny's and ihop but i feel like those serve actual food too and not everything's sold with pancakes. here, everything, and i MEAN everything, was sold with pancakes. for example, there was chicken and pancakes which sounds reminiscent of Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles but i'm pretty sure they don't actually put the chicken ON the waffles there. but anyway we all got dessert pancakes, so i guess it doesn't matter. actually, apart from hugh, we all got these kids menu lemon pancakes which sounded really good and totally were. they had ice cream, and sugar and lemon and they were delicious and i could TOTALLY go for some right now. ahh! i'm seriously making myself hungry.

clearly hugh was REALLY excited to get his pancakes.

here's chrissy (the blonde) with her friend gigi who she went to school with in Melbourne

Roland, me, annaliese and hugh.

and then the place had this sweet fun house mirror that made us all look funny. it was pretty cool. so while annaliese, chrissy and gigi sorted out paying (cause roland only had coins and basically we ended up paying like half in coins haha) i took this picture of me roland and hugh as we would look if we had disproportionately short legs...kinda like south park characters.

anyway, that concludes weeks 3 and 4. it was most excellent and i can only hope you enjoyed reading it/looking at the pictures (cause i know that's all marisol does so i guess there's no real point in me addressing this to her since she wont be reading it :) ) even half as much as i enjoyed living it.
I know it sounds so cheesy but I swear I’ve fallen madly in love with Australia. I know that sounds so lame. I mean the people are so chill and they’re just amazing and I don’t know. I can’t even describe it. It's just all of the little things that you wouldn’t even think of that you just sort of stumble upon randomly and just make that 5 second interval in which you’re thinking about them amazing. I mean every once in a while I just realize that i'm in Australia and things just become so much better. Paul predicted that upon coming here, because I’d built it up so much in my mind, it could never live up to my expectations.
I’m incredibly pleased to say he was wrong.
Australia has been everything I’ve ever wanted and more.

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