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Halloween and Homemade Costumes

Chapter 1: Bollywood

so bollywood is notoriously the biggest party of the season. next to halloween it's one of the ones everyone raves about. unfortunately this year it wasn't as huge as it has been in the past but it was still fun anyway and there were some pretty fun performances. i recorded a bit of it. the skit was meant to be slumdog millionaire themed and they had a whole thing on the tv screen for the questions and everything and these were the interludes in which they were effectively dancing the answers. i didn't record the slumdog part cause it was cool but it wasn't really necessary--mostly i was just trying to get chrissy dancing. anyway jamie in chrissy's bra (in the first video) was especially noteable.

there were also a couple of other dances that i didn't manage to record (mostly cause they dimmed or turned off the lights during them and so it wouldn't have come out. there was one that was really cool that ali (our pakistani friend) and a couple other people were in and hes a FANTASTIC dancer and it was really cool but i couldn't record it which was a major bummer. but it was all pretty cool anyway.


jamie's in the bra, mcbain's the other male lead.



Chapter 2: I'm a Mad Scientist

chrissy was going home for mid-semester break (i, obviously, didnt) and we had previously decided to dye her hair so beck and chrissy went to go pick out colors together because i wanted to sleep another like half an hour while they got her dye and then dharini and i would walk down there together cause she was in the shower or something and then wed all meet up at the patisserie and get lunch/cake! so i'm figuring that picking a dye will take at least a half an hour and it's like a fifteen minute walk down there and everything so i'm like great i'll get at least like a half an hour of extra sleep and then dharini and i will walk down and it will all work out.

well like TWENTY MINUTES later dharini's like "dude they're waiting for us at the patisserie" and i was like "what? how have they already chosen a dye!? the walk down there takes at least 10 minutes. i mean i know they're both 6+ feet tall but their strides cant be that much faster when were not there. that was EXTREMELY FAST!"
so i get dressed fast and we go running out the door and when we get to the patisserie and were like wow you guys were so fast! let's see the dye! and they're like "yeah we thought this was a nice color" and i flip it over and am reading the back and it says like only for dark brown and black hair DO NOT USE ON BLONDES. and i'm like

uh hey guys... did you look at the back?
the back. did you look at it? it says its only for black and dark brown hair
what? you have to look at the back?
uh yeah. haven't you guys ever dyed someones hair before?
oh. well. uh. this wont work on you cause it says it's not for blondes.
oh. we just liked the color and grabbed it.
uh yeah you always have to look at the back
dharini: i cant believe we sent the two that wouldn't even think to look at the back to go get hair dye. the first thing i would have done is look at the back.
wendy: yeeeeep. me too.

so we go back and exchange it and were talking to a girl who works there and she looks at the box and goes "oh! this would never have worked for you. it would have turned your hair green" HAHAHA failure. so then she set us up with a good one THAT WOULD WORK ON BLONDE HAIR.

and then we did it before she caught her plane. it was really a race against the clock but we made it. i got dressed up in my lab coat and some dish-washing gloves and looked like a mad scientist which was fun.

it was pretty fun. and fortunately all three of her brothers and her dad liked it. her mom didnt, but well, mothers are never terribly pleased when you dye your hair without their permission, are they?

anyway she is now officially a "ranga". hahah it's really funny cause sometimes she'll be walking down the street or something and someone will roll down the window of their car and shout "RANGA!!" at her. shes always very proud of these moments though. probably because shes not naturally a ranga and thus hasn't been hearing the ridicule all her life. haha

Chapter 3: Nicky D and Dreamboat

so we had this date auction thing for charity--for the flooding in pakistan. it was pretty hilarious cause a lot of people drank before coming. ok actually no, really i think it was just carrington. but it was genius

carrington is this guy who beck, with her extremely high standards (she usually only likes manly men that she refers to as "dudes") thought was gorgeous.--i always thought he was a bit boyish but hey, whatever works. anyway carrington is his last name and everyone refers to him as it. except before we (and i use that loosely cause really it was just beck i think. this "we" really shouldn't include me at all) really got to know him and beck referred to him as "Dreamboat". so for a long time we all called him that, even till after beck no longer thought he was the bees knees. haha

anyway carrington got SUUUUPER drunk because he was getting bid on and the common room was moved around so that there was a runway and there were christmas lights surrounding it.

well drunk dreamboat comes walking up when his name is called and trips on the christmas lights and shorts out half the string which was hilarious in itself. and then basically he was just extremely drunk for a few minutes while shaz (who's really nice and had promised carrington shed buy him [fun fact: shes also beck's other half of her other couple outside of the beck-dharini couple]) bid on him.

so then after hes done being bid on he sits down on one of the chairs ringing the runway. (this is a relatively important future plot point)

so then ben gets bid on which was definitely a highlight of the night. he got totally into it and was doing like a bend and snap thing where he dropped his jacket on the floor and then mcbain who was MCing goes to pick it up for him and ben's like NO NO. and bends over. it was pretty hilarious cause usually ben's much more of a manly man but he really got into it. it was brilliant. and anna had promised to buy him so that was fun--we were all getting to bid on him for her.

so anyway later nicky d is going to get bid on. and unlike ben he didn't get into it quite so much. but carrington did. yes, ultra drunk carrington was taken advantage of by nicky d. nicky d was getting bid on and then like the last bid he goes up to carrington and sits on his lap and presumably was encouraging carrington to bid on him (i was too far away to hear what was actually said...i think most people were). so he ended up bidding like 100 something dollars on nicky d. all of us were like WOWWWW HES SOOO DRUNK. but fortunately for him it turns out they didn't take his bid and just gave nicky d to the next highest bidder. it was still extremely hilarious though.

and then anna and amy got bid on later that night. they were being bid on as a couple. it was pretty funny cause earlier that day or the day before or something anna amy and bekka came over and were like "hey can you chip in, we want to have the highest bid on us but we don't want to be won by randoms so were getting everyone to kick in money so we can buy ourselves" so i was like sure. and gave 10 dollars. so by the end of it they had like 300 dollars or something and were the highest bid-ees with like 200 dollars or something.

so then after that mcbain was the last person to get bid on. he was like a bonus round cause he wasn't on the roster or anything. and he became the highest bid on guy so he went on to represent unilodge in KING OF THE COLLEGES. (did i mention that at the time he had come by before it began to my apartment and was like "hey wendy can you do makeup to make me look like zoolander at the end when he does magnum" and i was like UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH maybe? so basically he was wearing purple makeup and mascara and whatnot which was pretty funny. he's a pretty creative dude.) which was part of the reason for doing the date auction in the first place--the highest bid on guy would go on to that competition.

Chapter 4: Bubble Wrap Suits Should Automatically Win Competitions

King of the colleges was actually a pretty stupid competition. mcbain totally should have gotten higher than third place. he made a BUBBLE WRAP SUIT for gods sake. and then not only wore nothing under it BUT ALSO STRIPPED. oh and did i mention he got a chest leg and upper arm wax too? (we were all a little unsure why he left his lower arms hairy but hey, whatever works) that is one dude who is devoted to unilodge winning something. the other people totally didn't do stuff as awesome as him. the dude who won played the bagpipes for gods sake. nowhere near as cool as magic.

so he did awesome at king of the colleges, even if the stupid judges didn't recognize it. he also did this super awesome magic trick. i have no idea how he did it but for the talent section he did it. it was so cool. he brought one of the judges on stage and had her pick a card and then rip a corner off it and hold onto the corner. and then he made the card disappear and was like "here check in this fresh mango juice bottle that's NEVER before been opened" and shes like "okay..." (pretty cynical) so she opens it and dumps out the mango juice and THE CARD IS IN THERE. and she's like "OH MY GOD!" it was LEGIT. they had to break the bottle (it was glass) in order to get the card out at all. and then they pulled it out and it matched the corner she had! it was awesome man. i was extremely impressed. it was way better than anyone else's talents. he definitely should have won.

This picture alone should have its own chapter...

Chapter 5: Family Portrait at the Family's Favorite Spot

so we all went to unipub (ah trusty unipub with your 6 dollar schnitzel and 9.50 chicken parmesan for dinner, what would we have done without you?) minus hugh who had a man date. (we were all very proud of him for it, despite him ditching our family dinner) his date was also at unipub and also for the schnitzel but just not with us. so chrissy, sarah ladyman, dharini, beck, annaliese and me all got dinner together. and then after hugh finished his man date with his friend from home, he came and joined us. and i insisted that we take a picture of all of us together and everyone there complained about it but i forced us to take it and we did. and now they all love the picture and are glad that i had us take it. so i was like WHAT UP. NEVER DOUBT ME.

Chapter 6: You Only Turn 21 Once

so despite 21 not being a massive milestone in australia, everyone still recognized that its pretty big back home. so at midnight chrissy, annaliese, dharini and beck all got together and gave me a cake which was delicious. and they had party hats which were shiny and made us all look really attractive. i managed to dodge wearing one for some of the photos and the others i didn't post cause they weren't really necessary. but anyway it was really sweet.

and then on the actual day of my birthday i got back from class and they got tons of food and drinks and everything and everyone just came over to our apartment and chilled out. it was awesome. and then they made me another cake! it was really cute!!!

so then we all went to unipub as for usual which was fun and then we were going to walk to icys and hugh and i were walking there with beck dharini and chrissy and i mentioned to him how it had been my and alexis' goal since we were little to get a pina colada on our 21st birthday. i was just mentioning it though. i didnt really care either way
but he was like NO YOU HAVE TO GET ONE THEN! and we were passing the cocktail place we always go to on peoples birthdays called muddle so he grabbed brett and dharini and chrissy and we all went. it was really cute. so i got my birthday pina colada! ten year old wendy would have been proud.

all in all it was a good night. i couldnt have asked for more on my 21st birthday.


so in australia halloween is usually just looked at as an american holiday that they're not going to celebrate becuase they're too cool. or because they're trying to distinguish themselves from us or something. anyway so chrissy was saying that when she was little her dad would have to give "lollies" to the neighbors so that when chrissy and her brothers would come by they'd have something to give them and her neighbors would always be like "BAH HUMBUG (wrong holiday?) WHY WOULD WE WANT TO CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN GRRR"

so none of them really ever got to dress up for halloween. which totally sucks for them cause when you're a kid halloween is totally the best holiday ever. and, fun fact, none of them have ever been t-p-ing either. in fact, when i called toilet paper tp i'd asked hugh to pick some up for us from the store or something and he he was like "fine but only if you never call it that again" and i was like please. that's totally normal back home.

so anyway celebrating halloween in australia is not really normal. so it should make sense that it's weird that unilodge's most notorious, craziest night of the year has traditionally always been halloween.

this year it was big but it wasn't as huge as all the past years/ all the hype had made it sound. unfortunately that was because they tried to make it a ball with food and an awards ceremony. the food was eh (hugh and i grabbed some just as they were taking it away and putting out the cheese and dessert plates which were actually really good). the awards weren't bad, although because hugh and i got there late (we were still working on his costume) we had to sit out in the booneys where you could only hear the awards being given not really see the people. mcbain picked up best resident or unilodger or something which he totally deserved which was awesome.

so anyway it was still a costume party and hugh had easily one of the coolest costumes there. and i say that not just because i helped him make it. it would have been cool even if i hadn't helped him make it...wait. who am i kidding. no it wouldn't have been because there's no way he could have made it without me. WHAT UP. I AM AWESOME.

so i taught him how to sew and he sewed the whole thing by hand after i pinned it together and told him where to sew. and i cut the pattern and the material and everything for him. he did a good job sewing it all. and it really came out cool.

seeing a grown man with chest hair in a onesie, a concept that is traditionally only worn by children, is not exactly something you see every day. ok lets face it, it was pretty wrong. like once he had the thing buttoned up and everything it looked really really cute, but there's a couple of pictures i got that are just plain wrong--visible chest hair + onesie = no good.

it wasnt yet finished...this was the night before halloween. and he was eating vegemite toast. and i was extremely concerned by the wrongness of the look of a man with chesthair peeking out of his onesie. it was just like child + chest hair = WHOAH WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR CHILD? so i figured i'd have to share the wrongness with everyone later and took a picture of him. he wasn't pleased.

here it is completed. oh yeah, by the way, he was max from where the wild things are.

and heres annaliese and him from the back. i just put this picture up so you could see that he had a tail and ears and whiskers. (we put a lot of work into that costume! it deserves to be admired!!)

here's other miscellaneous halloween pictures (there are a lot of really hideous ones of me so please just ignore me in the pictures)...

annaliese (a bee) and dharini (wearing my egyptian hat and making a very good pharaoh-ette)

left to right, robbie sale (cat in the hat), ben (fat canadian lumberjack?), (james) chisholm (fred flintstone), and annaliese

anna (ventriloquist) and amy (dummy)

this is an extremely bad picture of me but adam (wraith from stargate atlantis) looked so cool i had to post it

ben and anna. i love this picture. it's so cute cause they're like besties.

shaz (cat) and beck (flamenco/salsa? dancer)

tall james (sharpied on suit), me and courtney (devil angel? dark angel? something like that)

me and roland (rugby player)

hugh and jamie. funny stories behind this picture. first of all, one night jamie was at our apartment talking with annaliese, chrissy and me and the topic of conversation naturally turned to halloween and he was like i dont know what i'll do. so we threw some ideas around for a while until someone said something like dude how funny would it be if you wore a mankini. and so he decided to do it. it was hilarious. and he's good friends with mcbain so he was talking about getting his chest waxed. he didn't--he just shaved it. but it was still pretty funny.

i guess he had to jam a styrofoam cup down there and then tape everything into place because otherwise if you got above it and looked down you could see STRAIGHT INTO THE MANKINI POUCH. which was not necessarily so good. hahahah

what i love about this picture, though, is the amount of air cushion space between hugh and jamie. hahahhaah

mcbain (daft punk or something else equally awesome) and courtney

mcbains suit lit up. which was AWESOME.

this was his helmet which also lit up and did light up messages

it also can be seen in this picture which was taken as they were re-performing their hit dance that they had previously performed together for a talent night (from left to right, mcbain, cameron, ali [the fantastic dancer] and sathiya [he literally looks like an ethnic derek zoolander. not even kidding. its uncanny. and also in it but not pictured was tom sly [yes thats literally his name--how cool is that] in the background also is dan/yoshi, robbie sale in his cat in the hat costume which was also legit.) hopefully i'll be able to acquire the talent night video at some time. here's the video from halloween. unfortunately the lighting is completely dark so most of the time you can only see mcbain. but there are a couple times you can see the others. they were all really good actually. it was very cool. and at least this way you can see what mcbains suit fully looked like. it was legit


courtney, rachel (ladybug), me and will (ron weasley. coolest ging costume ever.)

courtney, rachel, alex (phantom of the opera...minus the mask which he had but not in this picture), me and will.
an alex fun fact: we sometimes refer to him as fall-over alex (if someones like which alex? oh. fall over alex. got it.) because he falls over a lot. like worse than me. when theres nothing to trip on. which i do, but not this bad---he fully falls over. like his knees buckle and his legs turn to jelly and all of a sudden he's on the floor and were all like DUDE WHAT HAPPENED MAN?! we've all come to realize that apparently he stacks it whenever theres a pressure change [like when someone shuts or opens a door or something] and thus have realized that he probably has an inner ear infection) poor guy. it definitely sucks for him but there have been a couple of times where we were all laughing extremely hard--those were before we knew it was a usual thing and just thought it was clumsiness. like in the beginning when he was at our apartment studying and then got up to go to class and tripped over our milk crate that had our lost and found in it and like pirouetted and fell over and im choking out mid-laughter "OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY? I'M SO SORRY", annaliese (or maybe it was dharini but i think it was annaliese) is just sitting there dying laughing, i think chrissy was doing the same, and beck is pounding on the door shouting "OH MY GOD DID HE STACK IT AGAIN! OH MY GOD LET ME IN!!!!!" (she didnt realize he was still here... hahahaha our bad.) he's a really nice kid though so once we realized that it was a problem and not just clumsiness it wasnt funny anymore.

brett (wearing dan's banana suit) ben and chisholm looking regal. sort of.

roland and hugh. i love this picture because hugh looks like a petulant child thats being carried off by his father while pounding his fathers back going NO NO NO. which was pretty much what hugh was actually doing hahahahaha. it was pretty hilarious.

chrissy (spider woman--she went crazy on that costume. it was really well done it was really cool. she ordered this other corset but then the place she was supposed to get it from screwed up and it ended up in sydney and not canberra so chrissy had to make do with what she had--how many people have a back up corset? lucky chrissy. hahahah anyway chrissy slutted it up which was hilarious cause she's totally not slutty and sewed all these plastic spiders that she painted to look like black widdows onto the skirt. and then she had these giant fake eyelashes that were red and sparkly and in the shape of cobwebs and one even had a little spider on it. it was legit) and me (i didn't want to go out in chrissys kimono so i did a costume change. and subsequently had several people say "you seriously are going out as green lantern?" "YEAH I AM. YOU KNOW WHO GREEN LANTERN IS. WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOU?")

chrissy and hugh

annaliese and dan (YOSHI!!!)

i love this picture cause both dan and hugh had something to look at when you saw the backs of their costumes. dan had yoshi's shell and his little spinedys and his tail and hugh had his tail and ears and whiskers. i thought it was so cute... unfortunately all the clubs/pubs didnt think so cause dan, hugh and robbie sale who was the cat in the hat couldnt get in because they werent allowing in people in costumes. chrissy couldnt get in either, which i was surprised by, cause usually promiscuous looking women can get in anywhere...except churches.

so then later that night annaliese and i went to the vending machine cause we both really wanted salt and vinegar chips and when we were walking back we saw blonde james sitting by himself on the chairs by the elevator. so we stopped to talk to him for a little while and then were joined by alex and adam (who had by this point removed all of the blue paint, the fake facial hair and the wig) so then alex, sam and annaliese fell asleep and adam and i started geeking out and talking about a ton of geeky stuff (doctor who, stargate and firefly were all on the menu among other things) and eventually we got tired and figured we'd go to bed. but annaliese's head was on my lap and adam was standing. and he was like DUDE WENDY CHECK THIS OUT, ALEX'S EYES ARE OPEN. and i was like WHAT? and he was like DUDE IT'S SO CREEPY. (ok maybe he didnt say the "dude"s but wahtever.) and so i get up and were looking at it and going WHOAHHHHHHH. so of course with my camera in my pocket i take a picture...hahahaha

so anyway, it was a pretty fun halloween. i think people went more all out there than i've seen in a long time back home. it was pretty cool.

Chapter 8: Movember and Finals

so to support prostate cancer research or something the dudes all celebrate "Movember" because they call mustaches "mo"s so they all grow out their mustaches/facial hair for it and can't shave the whole month. which means that they all shave the first of november so that they arent completely grizzly adams by the end of the month. anna and amy came over and hugh wasnt participating and they harangued him till he left and shaved. apparently all of 117 had shaved too and as anna said "ben and nicky d look like little boys! they shaved off ten years!!" and hugh was definitely no exception. shaving the beard definitely also shaved off ten years. easily.

so then there were finals and they went alright. i passed all my classes. hahaha and on that happy note, that, my friends, is the end of this post.

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