Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Could You Possibly Need Your Blood Donor Cards?

so after school ended, so began my 49 day blitz of australia and new zealand. so here's, roughly, days 1-11.

my first stop was sydney and annaliese's house. originally i was planning on giving everyone several days at home to see their families and friends before i showed up at their doors. well unfortunately for annaliese's family, the draw of sculpture by the sea was greater than my will to be polite. so i showed up at annaliese's on day 3, actually. the days before were just me in canberra not doing too much and pestering people who were trying to study (seriously. i must have been a massive nuisance) and eating my last few zambrero burritos (which sound exceptionally good as i'm writing this.)

so day 3 i showed up at annaliese's house and dawn of day 4 was a bit more interesting than i would often hope. yes, we did go to sculpture by the sea. on its last day. because we have excellent timing for these things. but before we did that we got up at 8am because i stupidly forgot my medicine in canberra and had to go to a doctor and get a prescription.

so i was expecting it to be like it is in america: "who are you? we dont have your medical records. we cant do anything for you without your medical records you could have your hospital fax them over which will take several days and hundreds of dollars because of the bureaucracy or you can fill out this giant form with 5000 questions, half of which you don't know the answer to. ok so what were you taking? why were you taking it? are you making meth out of it? and are you selling that meth that you're not making out on the streets?" you know, the usual american privatized system. (i haven't yet had any dealings with the non-privatized "socialized health care" system but i'd imagine it'd probably be the same. because that's the american way!)

but it wasn't like that at all! beck told me to go and they'd be able to prescribe something and annaliese agreed so her mom drove us there at a god awful hour of the morning so that we wouldn't have to wait forever to see a doctor and it really wasn't too bad at all. we got out of there in relatively good time and got to go to sculpture by the sea which was super cool. sculpture by the sea is the largest public art installation in the world and it's put on every year. there's a walk between the two most popular beaches in sydney; it starts at the world famous bondi beach, goes through tamarama (another beach) and ends at bronte beach (sydney's other favorite beach--fun fact, it's also annaliese's favorite beach!) the walk can be taken in either direction and is mostly on cliffs. annaliese and i started at bondi. here's a lot of pictures...

bondi beach as seen from the street. look how blue that water is! it really was a perfect day.

bondi and the also world famous iceberg pool in the background. fun fact, marisol, tracey and i were stumbling before i left and we stumbledupon a ranking of the best pools in the world. and this pool was on it. and i was like DUDE IT'S IN AUSTRALIA! AND IT'S IN SYDNEY! I COULD TOTALLY GO THERE!! and sure enough, i did!! it was pretty exciting. and i totally thought of them whenever i'd see it. it really is a super awesome pool actually, the waves crash into the pool where people swim laps and chill out and stuff. how cool is that!!

here's a closer-up view of the pool...

bondi was pretty crowded that day.

these were two guys at bondi that annaliese thought were hot and thus insisted on taking a picture of them. so i stood there and pretended she was taking a picture of me as she instead took a picture of them. pretty clever, right! so here you go annaliese, you can remember that moment forever, for here is the picture.

this was graffiti of mickey mouse. i thought it was cute but also thought that everyone that i know would never forgive me if i didn't take a picture of it and then post it here. i forgot to take a picture of it though until i was halfway up the ramp and it was hot and i was too lazy to walk back down and take a picture so its at a dumb angle. my bad

look how clear that water is!! i look kind of stupid but the water is soo pretty in this picture. that's really what it looks like--completely undoctored and unphotoshopped.

here's the view from the cliffs at the edge of bondi beach, the beginning of the sculpture by the sea walk.

and here's another one of bondi. from the cliffs.

and more bondi... ok so really i just couldn't choose what was prettiest so i pretty much just put any one that looked good up cause i thought it was so beautiful.

and there's a video of me panning around bondi beach. i figured there was no good enough panorama setting on my camera so this was the easiest way.


and here are some sculptures...

i just love this one. i don't know if it's because this dude looks like hes very proud of himself peeing on the beach. or just cause he kinda reminds me of a moai from easter island. but i quite like this dude. he was quite large too. taller than me.

i love this one cause i love how it looks with the ocean in the background

i thought these rocks were totally cool. they were like art themselves! here's one with people for a size comparison and here's another one without humans to ruin it...

and another cool rock...

and here's some more sculptures...

each one of these hookah looking things were like 10,000 dollars each. or maybe it was 30,000. i actually don't remember. but they were extremely expensive. and they were pretty cool.

annaliese and i liked this one

and this one. those are bulldog cutouts.

this i just thought was exceptionally beautiful. it wasn't art or anything but i thought it was really pretty.

and more art...

i liked this camel. unfortunately a lot of other people did too so it didn't exactly make it easy to take pictures of. but it was cool cause when you got up close to it it had a lot of things inside of it. like water and what i think was a ukelele and other stuff. it was pretty cool.

pretty giant flowers. it was pretty and at the same time kind of reminded me of jumanji--so i didn't really get all that close to them.

these were pretty cool. there were several of these hollow wood bowl thingys and they echoed and stuff when you talked into them. they were pretty cool. and they smelled woody and nice.

annaliese and i agreed this was pretty. preeeetty flowers in pretty colors.

and here's me desecrating art like the californian i am...


and the dual wielding american strikes again...

and here's annaliese. we were on a break between the beach cliff path and were walking along the street and there was a garage sale across the street. so annaliese goes over and i sit on the grass and look at the ocean and i get a text from her to come over and she found a pretty sweet embossed leather bag for 10 dollars. but you don't see it in any of the pictures of her cause i was carrying it with our shoes in it haha

this was kinda cool. kinda trippy too cause it was on a hill so it made it seem more strange.

and here's annaliese...

and here's art and what i think was tamarama beach.

more art...i liked this guys big nose. and i thought the dog was cute.

this reminded me of all the debris that washes up on the beaches at home. but i liked it anyway. maybe because it reminded me of our imperfect beaches.

i think this was bronte. pretty gorgeous, right?

i like shiny things. this is no exception. and this was such a high mirror shine that, fun fact, you can see my reflection in it. it's distorted, but it's there!

again, shiny and blue. and beach!! what's not to like

and i liked these guys cause they reminded me of the moai of easter island.

more art...

again, i like it. shiny, blue, beach!!!!

annaliese loved this one. i thought it was pretty funny

and i totally thought this was a real person for a second there. and i was like "how is that idiot not dying from the heat?oh.

surfer!! at... bronte?

and here's a fisherman...

and i just thought this was a pretty picture. but also you can see some of the cliff walk that was where sculpture by the sea took place.

and again you can see my reflection. it's got, as they say in the shawshank redemption a "high mirror shine".

this reminded me of a mummy.

i just liked how they have surf rescue surf boards. i'm sure we probably have the same thing but i still thought it was cute.

more art...on bronte beach. which i thought was pretty cool

it was too hot and i couldn't be bothered to walk around to the chickens face. so all you guys get is a metal chicken's butt. but it did have an egg inside which i thought was cute

and there's a turtles shell. i was envious of those kids hiding from the sun in there. it looked pretty cool and i was getting pretty sweaty by that point.

this reminded me of an octopus. in fact, it may have been an octopus. it was all made out of bottle caps which was really cool. and i liked how colorful it was

ok on second thought, i'm pretty sure it wasn't an octopus

i looked at that and just thought either a) they're looking at the sun and are going to get sunburnt if they stay like that for too long or b) the aliens are going to land in sydney and this statue is anticipating the way that everyone there, in their lovely beach wear on their lovely beach, will react.

i thought this was kinda funny

this too...

and it even changed! full electricity in the middle of the beach!

one final view of bronte

oops now that i think of it, i think all of those may have been tamarama and not bronte. maybe not. anyway it was pretty no matter which beach it was. yup that was definitely tamarama because this is bronte...

in this picture you can see annaliese's new bag that i was carrying, bronte beach and me sweating and wanting to die! yay! actually it wasn't that bad. i did wish i had worn a bathingsuit though so i could go in the water. but we didn't have that kind of time anyway so i guess it didn't matter.

annaliese took this picture. she described it as "look there's a good looking aussie couple!" so annaliese, here's the picture you so painstakingly took whilst i called you a creeper. i hope you enjoy it :)

bronte beach...

and here are some australian life guards. annaliese thinks they look cool in their bright yellow and their hats. i think it's probably something to do with being raised seeing them all the time and knowing to respect their authority. cause i still thought they looked geeky. cute. but geeky.

and here's annaliese and her favorite beach!

and now that you've been inundated with pictures, here's some of something besides the beach!

here's a better picture of the opera house. i'd put it as the main picture on here, but its too much trouble to try to reformat it to the correct size and everything to make it work.

that night we went to annalieses sisters ballet. it was pretty funny cause we were getting ready to go and annaliese changed into her dress and realized she got massively burnt that day. i barely even got a tan and she got burnt! and we had both worn sunscreen! it was interesting to see how the sun reacted so differently with both of us. but her mom had warned her before leaving that day not to get burnt so she was definitely freaking out. but then fortunately her dress had the same neckline as the shirt she was wearing so you couldn't tell she was burnt at all. she was very lucky.

as for the ballet, it was beautiful. i was shocked that girls so young could look so glamorous and elegant. they were all extremely graceful. i was very jealous. i wish i had some pictures or video but nothing really came out of my pictures. and i didn't think to get any video. i don't think it would have come out anyway. her sister was amazing. there's a reason she was in the australian ballet. and shes only like 14. she's extremely talented and she really was a joy to watch. dharini and i were fortunate to get to go and see it.

and the next morning i headed back to canberra to say goodbye to everyone and pack for our trip to melbourne.

everyone was studying so really i just went and pestered them for a while. we threw around an australian football (which is bigger than an american football) until we got a noise complaint which was kinda funny and then i forced them to take some farewell pictures.

so from left to right, bottom to top: jamie, adam, rachel, will, me, courtney, blonde james, simon, tall james, fall over alex and chrissy.

and in all of these, chrissy's been replaced by sam. who looks a little bit like sam from the lord of the rings. but not so much with the mustache for "movember".

and here's me and blonde james. we were laughing that night because he looked like steve irwin cause he was wearing khaki pants. they were like pajama pants or something. it was cute.

they're all lovely people and clearly wholeheartedly embraced the idea of taking pictures and farewelling rather than doing work. which is something i can appreciate.

and now onto melbourne!


annaliese, dharini and i shopped. meanwhile, hugh was not yet in melbourne. and once he got there then he had dinner with his uncle and his family so we had a lovely girls day. i bought amazing shoes (which were extremely comfortable but NOT when you walk far distances in them and go up and down hills. they promptly gave me MASSIVE blisters our last night in melbourne) and a wallet. the wallet was a beautiful wallet, but i also bought it because dharini was making fun of me for having my pirates of the caribbean wallet "it's time for you to get a grown up wallet wendy" good thing her names not peter instead of dharini or that would have been extremely ironic.

funny story about the wallet. there's this episode of the big bang theory where sheldon gets a new wallet and it doesn't have enough spaces for all of his cards and so he has to cancel some of his memberships (for example, the one to the planetarium) so that he doesn't have to carry around the cards. instead he keeps cards like his junior justice league of america membership card in his wallet to which leonard is like "why would you cancel your membership to ____ when you can just take this card out" to which sheldon responds something like "but if the justice league ever needs me they'll know that i am one of them" or something like that except said better and more sheldon-ey.

so anyway annaliese, dharini and i are eating dinner which was a whole chicken that we got from oportos (which is fast food but has whole roasted or grilled chickens which were delicious) and bread, and i'm messing with my wallet. my and dharinis conversation went something like this...

"i don't have enough spaces in my wallet!!"
"take some stuff out. what are you trying to fit?"
"well i cant fit my two blood bank cards and my disneyland pass and my insurance."
"you're kidding right"
"no! what should i takeout!"
"why could you possibly need your blood donor cards"
"well cause people will know how awesome i am. and also what if something happens to me and they're like 'OH NO WHAT TYPE OF BLOOD SHOULD WE GIVE HER? OH LOOK HER BLOOD DONOR CARDS SAY SHES A+!' so then they don't have to waste any precious O- on me."
"you're ridiculous"
"oh it's okay i can just fit them behind my ID anyway. now what about everything else"
"you definitely do not need your disneyland pass"
"but it makes me kewww"
"you're never going to use it here"
"oh my god i'm going to kill you"
"oh. and its expired"
"hmm and i guess i don't really need my borders card here"
"you are ridiculous"
"but it makes me kewwww"
"i'm not talking to you anymore."

yep shes a good friend. i definitely felt like sheldon. but i did make it work. and i got everything i wanted in. mostly. except my us stamps which i needed yesterday and was like "yay i've been carrying them around the last two years in my wallet yay i can use them AAH THEYRE NOT IN MY WALLET" and then i thought of dharini and cursed her slightly.

and then that night hugh came over and he and i went to berlin, the same bar that brittani, chrissy and i went to. we sat on the american side. hugh sat on a bunkbed and i sat across from him. until our conversations consisted so much of "sorry hugh, what?" "____" "what?" "IM MOVING NEXT TO YOU THIS ISN'T WORKING" and i got a really cool drink that had like a candied er like dried (so it was kinda like dried fruit sort of) hibiscus flower at the bottom of it. it was really good.

anyway it was pretty cool. and then next door was a bar called "eurotrash" that when brittani chrissy and i had walked past there before had looked like a really sleazy place for an older set than us. so i didn't pay attention to it at all when i went with hugh but he apparently did and thought it would be a cool place to go later. i'm afraid i'm pretty much against anything called eurotrash, though, especially when most of the reviews just describe it as sleazy and reeking of BO. so it became a point of contention later. haha


shopping again. this time i went with hugh because i knew that if i went with annaliese and dharini i'd end up going into all girly stores and buying stuff. i figured after the wallet and the shoes i really should spend a day without spending any money. it was the most expensive pair of shoes i've ever bought (note to self: they were 200 and worth every penny and every moment of the guilt of spending so much on shoes) and the most expensive wallet i've ever bought for myself (note to self: it was 65 and worth every penny cause every time you look at it you're reminded of that oportos dinner with annaliese and dharini and dharini wanting to kill you for you overanalyzing every card you put in). so i went with hugh cause i figured that i was less likely to buy anything if i was mainly in guys stores. or even in both gendered stores, if i was looking for him and not me then i wouldnt be buying anything.

but before we split up we went to this store called the somewhere store or something. it's purposefully really difficult to find. it was through a random doorway marked with a tiny sign for it and up a random staircase. but we knew we were going the right way because there were signs of encouragement...

and it was a pretty cool store. so i found hugh clothes. but i definitely did not find him these pants. they were so atrocious (brown corduroy) i made sure to get a picture. they were especially bad with the clothes that he came in with that did not match the pants at all.

i found him this shirt and i'm pretty sure it's the best a) decision i've ever made and b) the best investment he's ever made. it looked pretty fantastic on him. i told him at one point that when i looked at him in that shirt, i forgot it was him and just enjoyed the view. it was pretty funny but true. very very good shirt.

unfortunately those were very very very bad pants. we didnt realize till later, but hugh was grabbing pants that, on average, were two sizes too small. these were no exception. he kept complaining that all the pants were ultra skinny jeans. i thought it was pretty weird, especially considering it's not like he has exceptionally juicy legs or anything but just assumed that it was the style of the store. it wasnt until much later that day when every store we went into had pants that were supposed to be wider leg cut but were still so tight he could barely button them that i realized he'd been grabbing pants way too small. he kept walking out with them either unbuttoned going "WENDY THEY'RE WAY TOO TIGHT!!" or with them buttoned, as was the case in this picture, where he was saying "they're so tight!" and annaliese, dharini and i going "yeah they're DEFINITELY way too tight. TOO MANY OUTLINES!!!!!"

and this was a dress dharini almost bought. it was pretty cute and looked lovely on her but unfortunately we all agreed that it wasnt 70 dollars worth of lovely. same with annalieses shorts and shoes. which were velveteen jelly shoes. they were cute, but again, not 70 dollars worth of cute.

and we all agreed, after a while, that we'd become entirely too comfortable in that store. this is as evidenced by the following pictures. i was using their mirror to put my hair up, dharini was standing there in their dress but not buying it, hugh was standing there with his pants fully unbuttoned and annaliese was taking pictures of herself in the mirror and walking around the store in their shoes and shorts, neither of which she bought.

so then we split up and i went with hugh with the hope of not buying anything and annaliese and dharini took their time in womens stores.

and it pretty much worked. all i bought was a really nice peacoat for 50 (it was on extreme sale. marked down from like 150) and a sweater---the same brand of sweater that hugh had before and all of us loved it. he left it at our apartment towards the beginning of the year along with another sweater and annaliese beck dharini and i basically all took turns trying it on. it was on our couch one day and i used it as a blanket cause i was cold and it enabled me to not get up to get a blanket. and it fit all of us so well that we basically hoarded it in our apartment with the hope that he wouldnt notice it was gone.

he also had another sweater that all of us really liked and all of us tried on and loved which he also left in our apartment. so one day first semester annaliese and beck were going to go to the class that they shared with hugh and decided "how funny would it be if we were both wearing his jumpers" (because they call sweatshirts jumpers there) and i was like "dude thats funny and i wonder if he'd notice (he did. but probably only because he was freezing because he couldn't find any of his "jumpers" in his apartment before he went to class.) so they went to class and wore them and i think he may have demanded their return after that.

but while they were in our apartment all of us fell in love with them and said that if he ever found any others to buy us all one. so when hugh and i walked into this store and they had them, i bought myself one so i was very happy.

and it was only 25 dollars which, funny story, is cheaper than the one hugh had which he'd gotten for like 35. one of hugh's friends from home had also said he loved hugh's sweater and said he'd buy it off of him for 35 so hugh was like sweet take it. and then hugh stupidly mentions to him after he gets the new one that he got it for 25. and his friend is like "DUDE! YOU CHARGED ME 35!!" haha good job hughie.

so overall not a whole lot occured except for later, he found the following sweater which was definitely a highlight. and fortunately hugh bought it. i was pleased, as im sure everyone who knows me would expect me to be.

and that night, annaliese and dharini were again shopped out and didnt want to go out, so hugh and i took advantage of the melbourne night life and went to a place that chrissy had recommended, Madame Brussels.

it was a pretty cute cocktail bar place thingy. it had indoor grass (grass! not astroturf! i think the ceiling might have just been covered in the areas there werent grass) and little benches so that it looked like a garden party. and the balcony (we were several floors up, basically on the roof of this building which wasnt actually all that tall) had lots of cute like garden party chairs and tables and there was an upper balcony that was cute too but was full. so hugh and i sat on the downstairs balcony.

madame brussels sells their drinks in pitchers. they had pitchers that were just regular pitchers for two people to share and then they had ones called "doubles" that were meant to be "like in tennis" for four people. or two alkys. so hugh and i got a pitcher of a moscow mule. which is shown in the pictures. it was really good actually. that was a pretty popular drink in australia.

heres hugh

and me...

and when we got home it was late and hugh decided to spend the night. OH. BACK TRACK.

so hugh had spent the night the night before, too, because it was too late and it was just more convenient to share the giant fold out bed with me than to catch a cab home. but unfortunately dharini was saying that they only had a blanket cover for us because the blanket it was meant to cover smelled stagnant because her dad had washed it wrong and she figured we wouldn't want to use it so we would just use the cover and we wouldnt be cold because the apartment was warm.


that night, while annaliese and dharini snuggled and were warm and didn't even use their blanket (as they told us the next day) we FROZE. it was SO COLD. i had taken a shower and my hair was wet and i literally could not stop shivering. but i thought it was just me so i obeyed the laws of no-mans-land and did not cross over into hugh's half of the bed despite being freezing. but every time he'd move a knee over toward my side or rolled over toward my side i was always extremely grateful and was like YESSSSSSS HEATTTTTT!!!! ANY WARMTH WILL DO!! i even put on my sweater which was, unfortunately, the only sweater i brought and was extremely light, and put on the hood, but i thought it was just me that was freezing so i didnt get any closer to him. but it turns out he was just as freezing as i was.

well we both slept for a really long time that night because neither of us slept well and when we woke up we decided that we didn't care how stagnant that blanket was, we'd rather use it than freeze again.

so we grab it and it's NOT EVEN STAGNANT. it just smelled like down!! so we were like YES. and then we didn't freeze again.

but then began the saga of HUGH FAGAN, BEDHOG EXTRAORDINAIRE.

so i'm used to sleeping next to people on occasion and obeying the laws of no-mans-land, where you maintain at least like a foot between you and the other person so that nobody gets violated. hugh, on the other hand, did not apparently care about the laws of no-mans-land. so i wake up at one point and his head IS LITERALLY ON MY PILLOW. he is SO FAR over to my side of the bed AND I'M SO SQUISHED UP AGAINST THE EDGE that his head is literally on my pillow and i was like DUDE! but i was still sleepy so i didn't really care and went back to sleep

and then the next night i woke up and he was full on spooning me. well not full on cause he'd kept his arms to himself. but it was pretty funny anyway. and i was, again, SQUISHED UP AGAINST THE EDGE. it was funny though.

annaliese and dharini woke up before us and said that at one point we were sleeping both of us on our respective sides but like facing each other and in the fetal position (it was the night we froze) and they were like "aww they make a love heart!" (because that's what they call the shape of a heart in australia. isn't that cute!) "we should take a picture! but we wont because wendy would kill us" and i was like "yep. i would have killed you."

but anyway so here is some PROOF that hugh is a bedhog extraordinaire. i had gotten up to get water or something and came back and that's how i found him..

it did make for some funny stories though.


day 3 dawned another lovely day in melbourne. except the weather wasn't that amazing but it didn't matter because i was going to dye chrissys hair for her brothers wedding which was that weekend. and then later that night we were going to see HARRY POTTER!! on its opening night! before it came out in america! WHAT UP. so chrissy and i dyed her hair and watched zack and miri make a porno which i'd forgotten was so funny. and her brothers puppy which was a labradoodle or something and was ADORABLE was terrified by the plastic garbage bags chrissy and i were wearing to stop us getting dirty. it would have been hilarious if it wasnt sad and adorable. he sat outside in intermittent sprinkling rain and either stood on or underneath the table they had in their backyard. it was hilarious. you'd glance out and there's this adorable dog with blonde curly hair literally standing in the middle of a regular height table.

and then we adjourned to get dinner. i went back with annaliese and dharini who had been shopping (i don't actually remember where hugh was until we got dinner with him later) and chrissy had her rehearsal dinner with her family.

we eventually got mexican food haha. it was pretty funny cause, well again, the food was good. but it wasn't mexican. but it was certainly more mexican than anything i got in canberra so that was different haha

and then we went to HARRY POTTER!! one thing that's totally awesome about the australian system with new movies is that instead of you having to que up before the movie for hours in advance, they can reserve seats when they buy their tickets. so we bought our tickets a little late so we really just got lucky getting our seats. they were back row (yes, the makeout row. but the australians dont refer to it as that) and center. so actually they were pretty good seats.

anyway chrissy and her friend christina met us there and we didn't even have to get there all that early. but we still got there a bit early. and so i forced us to take some pictures...

annaliese, dharini and hugh (in the blue shirt i made him buy. annaliese and dharini didnt like it at first and i was like dude its amazing why wouldn't you like it. but then they eventually agreed that it was a nice shirt. and i was like that's right. i did a good job.)

christina and chrissy

annaliese dharini hugh and me (in my telltale gryffindor sweatshirt that i wear to all harry potter premieres)

me annaliese and hugh

and i don't look amazing in this picture but i love it because annaliese looks drunk as a skunk (which makes me laugh partly cause she looks kinda funny but mostly because she was COMPLETELY sober.) and then hugh looks good.

and then harry potter was amazing. all of us really liked it. i think most of us liked it at least as much as the others, if not better than the others. i liked that they didn't cut much out from the book because it was split into two movies. i think thats why all of us liked it a lot.

and then chrissy christina hugh and me (not annaliese or dharini cause, again, they were all shopped out) went to this bar called new guernica which was really cool. it was decorated like an outdoor garden sort of but it was completely inside and there were cool little rooms and stuff. it was a cool place. and it had a place to dance which we didnt take advantage of but totally could have if we had wanted to. and they had swingy chairs! it was pretty cool.

it was really funny too cause christinas greek and her family is possibly greek orthodox but if not they're still pretty greek. so she's proud to be greek even if shes not completely following the stereotype herself.

well hugh stupidly did greek joke when we were sitting in the apartment getting ready to go out. it was really funny. i totally dont even remember what he said but he's got a lot of greek friends so obviously it wasn't meant maliciously. and christina did not let him get away with it for it the rest of the night. it was so funny. i don't think she really cared all that much, i think she may have just liked harassing him about it, like the rest of us.


dharini left the next morning at like 6 am because she had to go to work at like 8am for her first day at cotton on. so she left at a god awful hour and hugh annaliese and i stayed for the last night at her dads apartment without her.

so that day we went to fitzroy street and went shopping. and i went with hugh again so i wouldn't buy anything. and i still bought a dress but i don't regret it at all cause i love that dress.

and then we went out for drinks at the beer bible place chrissy took brittani and i when we were in melbourne. it's called beer deluxe and had a cool feature wall with lots of beer related quotes.

and i just like this quote. also cause i like dave barry.

and here's hugh with his fingers in annaliese's drink. she and i got the same thing. it was really good. it was called a framboise and was from holland or something. it was a type of cider i think but it was really good. and yeah, that's hugh doing his signature mooch move.

and here's hugh with what is quite probably the only religious text he's ever actually honored, the beer bible...

and here's annaliese with her drink

and here's hugh with his (it may or may not have been the cheapest beer there)

and then we went home and got ready and went to dinner. hugh was trying to find us a nice place to go but annaliese and i were both in heels. and i was not doing as well as she was. they were the new ones i'd just bought and i wanted to DIE. it was extremely painful and i had MASSIVE blisters the next day. but anyway so we went walking around aimlessly trying to find a place to eat and then realized that hugh had no idea where he was going so we turned around and backtracked.

and that's when we found degraves street. which is notoriously a nice place to eat. chrissy took brittani and me there for cupcakes! and it was a really nice dinner. it was one of the few places still open for dinner (it was like 1030).

and then we went out. first we went to this place that i can't rememeber what it was called but it was on the top floor of this building. it was really cool and had a really nice view BUT you couldnt take the elevator up the 7 flights of stairs. so walking up it in heels was basically murder. i wanted to die. walking down it was also terrifying, as we all know my track record with stairs. and there were tons of people heading down and up and it was extremely difficult to navigate through. i definitely thought i was going to fall multiple times. but i made it out alive and then we decided to try to go to the croft institute.

and then hugh started complaining about having to go pee (i swear that boy has a bladder the size of a pea. not even kidding) so we were like JUST WAIT FOR CROFT'S WE'LL BE THERE SOON!!

but he was saying he didnt think he would be able to make it all the way to croft's. aka he was about to pee his pants. and then we saw hughs alleyway and i was like DUDE YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO DOWN THERE! especially cause brittani chrissy and i had previously made fun of it... "hugh would have a creepy sleazy alley named after him" "it's perfect because who knows what debauchery goes on down there"

well, now i can tell you what kind of debauchery goes down on that alley.

so he goes down there and i think our exchange went something like
"well that was quick"
"i had my pants unbuttoned and but there were people sitting down there looking at me!!"

turns out people were sitting at the end of the alley where he was planning on peeing so then he buttoned himself up and practically ran back to annaliese and me at the opening of the alley. he was clearly pretty embarassed. and i'm clearly a really sympathetic friend.

so here's hugh and his favorite alley. you can see the embarassment in his face...

and then we went to the croft institute. which i'd been dying to see the decor of for ages. chrissy had so far tried to take me three times. she tried to take brittani and me twice, one time they were charging and one time they were closed. and then she tried to take me and hugh there and it was closed. it was a major bummer. but we finally made it work and we finally got in! it was really cool! there were lots of beakers and stuff (it's meant to be like a science institute/lab) and they served their shots in glasses with a syringe which you'd suck the drink into and then squirt it into your mouth. it was pretty cool

hugh got one of the syringes (it tasted terrible but he told us it was easier to drink because squirting it into his mouth made you have to swallow it faster. which now that i think about it, sounds like a pretty bad idea. oh little hughie...

here's some pictures of us at croft's...

annaliese and i shared a pitcher

everything in melbourne that is cool is down a creepy alleyway. degraves street was, croft's was, berlin was (berlin REALLY was. it was down this alley between two buildings that was really thin and extremely poorly paved. it was not awesome in my heels). chrissy described it as "if you go down an alleyway in any other city youll probably get raped or mugged but in melbourne the best stuff is down alleyways.

and then we left croft's cause it sort of died down. and we were walking around and hugh wanted to go to eurotrash. but first we tried going to madame brussels which was closed, new guernica which had a 15 dollar cover fee and then went to eurotrash which was closed.

this is a picture taken of annaliese when hugh was trying to figure out where we were going. he was the only one in comfortable shoes so he would scout out ahead to make sure we were going in the right direction (we weren't) and then annaliese and i would follow him.

so then we got to eurotrash and annaliese had to pee so bad that despite it being closed they still let us in so she could. it was pretty funny. and the people closing up were really nice. and then we went home. and the next day annaliese left early. hugh left early to go back to his uncle's and i cleaned up the apartment for dharini's dad and then i left too. it was a good trip. despite all the shopping which is ordinarily something i abhor.

and that was melbourne. it was a lovely city and it treated us well (aside from the massive blisters) next up, back to sydney!

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